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July 2017


The Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter is powered by people like you. We rely on experts from around the world to contribute the latest news and information from the Signal Processing community. If you have news or an article that you think would be a good addition, please submit the content using the form below. Select the category that you feel most closely addresses your article. Attach images or support files using the attachment feature.

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Interested submitting or recommending a recent Ph.D. thesis?  Please prepare the following material and use the form below to provide your input. Contact Associate Editor Yuhong Liu if you have any questions. 
thesis author’s information (full name, contact, current affiliation, URL if available), Ph.D. granting institution, thesis advisor’s name and contact information; 
title, URL, and a short 100-150 word summary of the thesis; and 
an email from the thesis advisor to Associate Editor at <yuhong AT>, confirming that the author has already successfully defended the Ph.D. thesis and that a final version of the thesis has officially been submitted according to the Ph.D. degree requirements of the author’s institution.

The Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter invites nominations and applications to serve as E-News Correspondents and contribute timely and stimulating articles on SPS conference/workshop and chapter events.  Graduate students are welcome!  Application for reporting major SPS conference/workshop is due a month before the corresponding event, and should include name, affiliation, contact information, and a list of technical interests; links to writing samples, such as web blogs and articles, are encouraged. Please email applications in plain text to Associate Editor Z. Jane Wang at <zjanew AT>.

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