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Careers in Signal Processing: Impacting Tomorrow, Today

When the IEEE Signal Processing Society was founded in 1948, the discipline of signal processing didn’t exist, nor was it a prevalent career path. Fast forward to today, and we’re living in a world enabled by signal processing, with endless possibilities in where it will take us.

Our role over the last 70 years has been to educate the world about signal processing – the science behind our digital lives – and to help support our members in their work. We’ve only scratched the surface: The future of signal processing, and the future of our world, is in the hands of the next generation of engineers.

The good news is that waves of fresh talent enter the workforce every day. But the challenge is educating students and young professionals on all the opportunities available to them. Many are still unaware of signal processing as a field of work, and often pursue a traditional electrical engineering route – missing a significant opportunity to impact the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

That’s why targeting and attracting young professionals through our visibility efforts is one of the Society’s biggest priorities. We created a series of videos, Careers in Signal Processing, that emphasize the value of our Society, the benefits of mentorship, and the limitless opportunities in the field.

The seven videos feature award-winning industry experts and Society members David Frakes of Google, IBM’s Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Jeremy Webb, an independent consultant, and academics Jill Nelson of George Mason University, Ervin Sejdic of University of Pittsburgh, and Meng Wang of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

In the videos, these experts highlight:

  • The many industries that benefit from signal processing including healthcare, cybersecurity, entertainment and more
  • The burgeoning career opportunities signal processing affords for today and well into the future
  • The financial stability of this in-demand field

The Signal Processing Society offers endless opportunities - including education, career development, networking and volunteerism - to help the bright minds of tomorrow begin their careers and make an impact. We hope you’ll join us in supporting this initiative by sharing the videos with your network, spreading the word through social media, and sending the link to your colleagues, students and peers. Through our collaborative efforts, we can bring signal processing to the forefront as a viable and exciting career path for young professionals. Let’s get started and find our future colleagues!

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