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SPS Mentors: Micro Experiences for Underrepresented Young Researchers Program (ME-UYR)

Mentor's details below is open for access to all SPS non-members.

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Mission and Vision

The Mentoring Experiences for Underrepresented Young Researchers (ME-UYR) is a new program funded by IEEE SPS that started in 2021 and in 2023 will launch its second edition. ME-UYR provides mentoring experiences in the form of a 9-month collaboration for young researchers from underrepresented groups together with an established researcher in signal processing from a different institute, and typically another country.


List of 2023 Participating SPS Mentors

For IEEE SPS members: If you are an IEEE SPS member, you may access the Members-Only Page with the participating mentor's additional information such as, CV and email contact. To become a Society member and gain access to this page, please contact Lucas Thomaz.

For non-members: Below is a list of SPS mentors participating in the program, with their name, affiliation, web page and main research topics. If you are interested in becoming a SPS member so that you can access the mentor's members-only page with additional contact information, please email sp-me-uyr@listserv.ieee.org.


Name Affiliation Research Topic
Tirza Routtenberg Ben-Gurion University, Israel | Webpage Graph signal processing
Zhangyang “Atlas” Wang The University of Texas at Austin, USA | Webpage Sparse Neural Networks and Efficient Machine Learning
Shashikant Patil Atlas SkillTech University, Mumbai | Webpage Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data and Data Analytics
Gonzalo Mateos Buckstein University of Rochester, USA | Webpage Graph signal processing, distributed and online learning, machine learning on graphs
Vinayak Abrol Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India | Webpage Information Engineering, Signal Processing, Speech/Audio Technologies, Machine Learning, Harmonic Analysis
Poonam Chaudhary The Northcap University, Gurugram, India | Webpage Medical Imaging, Machine Learning and Data Mining for Epidemiological Datasets, Applications of machine learning techniques in interdisciplinary fields, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Neural
Suleman Mazhar Harbin Engineering University, China | Webpage 1 | Webpage 2 Underwater acoustics/communication, marine and mammal acoustic classification, underwater signal processing, robotic/transportation algorithms
Praveen Choppala Andhra university, Visakhapatnam, India | Webpage Monte Carlo methods (specifically particle filtering) for tracking and modelling problems
Varun Kakar Kumaon Institute of Technology, Dwarahat, Uttarakhand, India | Webpage Analysis of Thermal Effects in Novel MOS Devices using Machine Learning Methods
Domenico Ciuonzo Università degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II, Italia | Webpage  Data Fusion, Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT, Statistical Signal Processing, Network Analytics, Digital Twin
Muhammad Haroon Yousaf University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Pakistan. | Webpage  Swarm robotics
S. Sasikala Università degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II, Italia | Webpage  Signal and image processing; medical imaging
Pejman Mowlaee GN Audio A/S, Ballerup, Denmark | Webpage  Acoustic signal processing, speech enhancement, speech
Li Cheng University of Alberta, Canada | Webpage  Computer vision, visual motion analysis, bioimage analysis, and machine learning
Debasish Bera Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani, | Webpage  Post Quantum Cryptography , Signal processing for Integrated Sensing and Communication Applications, Information Theory and Machine Learning
Bonnie Schnitta SoundSense, LLC | Webpage  Signal processing and Acoustics
Zhengjun Yue Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | Webpage Pathological speech recognition using end-to-end models and raw waveform modelling, multi-lingual pathological speech recognition, cognitive decline detection (e.g., Dementia and depression) and early interventions, multi-modal acoustic modelling and multi-task learning for pathological speech, children speech analysis
Magdalena Fuentes New York University, USA | Webpage Machine Learning
Ioanna Chouvarda Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece | Webpage Biomedical Image and Signal analysis and machine learning.
Akihiko K. Sugiyama Yahoo Japan Corporation, Japan | Webpage Audio and acoustic signal processing
Monika Aggarwal Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, India | Webpage Array Signal Processing, Communications, Underwater Acoustics, Medical Signal/Image Processing, 5G-IOT
Alex (Alejandrina) Cristia Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), France | Webpage My interdisciplinary team uses big data to study child language acquisition from a cross-cultural perspective. We use neural networks to create classifiers allowing us to describe thousands of hours of child-centered audio data; and self-supervised systems to reverse-engineer acquisition.
Wolfgang Heidrich King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia | Webpage Computational imaging, focusing on hardware-software co-design of the next generation of imaging systems, with applications such as High-Dynamic Range imaging, compact computational cameras, hyperspectral cameras
Deepak Mishra University of New South Wales, Australia | Webpage Cooperative communications, IoT, 5G
Uma Shanker Tiwary Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad, India | Webpage Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition & Script Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Speech and Language Processing, Wavelet Transform, Soft Computing & Fuzzy Logic, Neuro–computing and Soft-computers
Johnson Y. University of Kerala, India | Webpage Aerospacial Engineering
Bhavesh Kumar Choithram Lovely Professional University, India | Webpage Image Processing; Signal, Image and Video Processing;Pattern Recognition; Digital Signal Processing; Feature Extraction; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Aerospace Engineering
Jabez Christopher Birla Institute Of Technology And Science, India | Webpage Image and audio/speech processing
Prasantha H. S. Kammavari Sangha Institute of Technology, India | Webpage Signal Processing, Multimedia Communications, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Chirag N. Paunwala Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, India | Webpage Biomedical Signal Processing: Our ongoing research is on Early detection of Learning Disabilities based on EEG Signal Analysis and Epileptic seizure detection; Pattern Recognition using Machine Learning and Deep learning Approaches.
Maheshkumar H Kolekar Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, India | Webpage Video Surveillance and Biomedical Signal Processing
Marco F. Duarte University of Massachusetts Amherst | Webpage Signal, image, and data processing using sparse, compressible, and manifold signal models * Approximation theory and computational harmonic analysis; sparse approximation algorithms * Machine Learning: Explainable and physics-aware machine learning.
Varun Kumar Kakar Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology, India | Webpage Signal Processing Theory & Methods, Communication Engineering, Novel Semiconductor, Devices, Thermal Effects in Semiconductor Devices, Devices
Sethu Selvi Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India | Webpage Machine/Deep learning, Data analytics, Signal/Image processing
Mayuri Mehta Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, India | Webpage AI, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Data Science, Medical Image Processing, Health Informatics, Robot-assisted Surgeries, Python Programming
Avid Roman-Gonzalez Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur, Peru | Webpage 1 | Webpage 2 Image Processing; Signal, Image and Video Processing;Pattern Recognition; Digital Signal Processing; Feature Extraction; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Aerospace Engineering
Abhishek Appaji Bhusanayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering, India | Webpage Deep Learning /Machine Learning for Medical Image Processing
Mario Elzein University of Doha for Science and Technology, Qatar | Webpage Renewable energy (Solar and wind), Control systems, Cybersecurity and IT technology
Désiré Sidibé Université Paris Saclay, France | Webpage Computer Vision, with a focus on multimodal vision systems and learning from multimodal data. Main applications: Autonomous navigation,and Medical Imaging.
Nilanjan Biswas National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India | Webpage Signal processing for communications, wireless communications, 5G and beyond, Multi-user MIMO, Statistical Signal Processing, Machine Learning
Iran Roman New York University, USA | Webpage Dynamic models for musical rhythm perception, the neural dynamics in musical performances, and the application of AI in augmented reality systems
Athanasios Koutras University of Peloponnese in Greece | Webpage Sound processing, Image Processing, Blind Source and Speech Sparation, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computer Aided Diagnostics Systems, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Music Information Retrieval, Emotion Recognition
Nadiya Shvai Cyclope.ai | Webpage computer vision in application to road smart infrastructure and safety, automatic detection of traffic incidents, analysis of traffic flow, and vehicle classification at the tolls
Sneha Das Technical University of Denmark, Denmark | Webpage speech and audio, biosignals and visual, statistics, machine-learning, deep-learning and (social) signal processing, with an emphasis on resource constrained setting. Healthcare, specifically developing technologies for the management of mental-disorders for children and adolescents.
Shekhar Nayak University of Groningen, The Netherlands | Webpage speech recognition, speech synthesis, zero resource speech processing
Nagendra Kumar Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore, India | Webpage Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Deep Learning, and Data Mining
Peter Jung Technical University Berlin, Germany | Webpage Autonomous space exploration systems
Protim Bhattacharjee German Aerospace Center, Germany | Webpage Autonomous space exploration systems
Ryan M. Corey University of Illinois, Chicago | Webpage Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing and related areas

Where can I get more information?

In case of questions, please contact the ME-UYR steering committee using the following e-mail address: sp-me-uyr@listserv.ieee.org.



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