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Ph.D Theses

Je-Won Kang(University of Southern California), “Efficient coding techniques for high definition video”, Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo, 2012

Xiaojie Zhang(University of California, San Diego), “LDPC Codes -- Structural Analysis and Decoding Techniques”, Advisor: Prof. Paul H. Siegel, 2012

Yuehao Wu, (University of Delaware), “Compressive optical imaging systems”, Advisor: Prof. Dennis W. Prather, 2012.

Jorge Iván Núñez Sánchez (Arizona State University ), “Development and Applications of a Multispectral Microscopic Imager for the In Situ Exploration of Planetary Surfaces”, Advisor: Jack D. Farmer, 2012.

Angshul Majumdar (University of British Columbia), “A Sparsity Based Approach Towards Fast MRI Acquisition”, Advisor: Prof. Rabab K. Ward, 2012

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a safe medical imaging modality that can acquire high quality scans. However, MRI has a relatively long acquisition time. Reducing the MRI data acquisition time had been a challenge to researchers for the last two decades. In this thesis, the author proposed Compressed Sensing based techniques to speed-up MRI scans.

Ramsin Khoshabeh(University of California, San Diego), “Revolutionizing Laparoscopy: Bringing Glasses-free Multiview 3D into the Operating Room”, Advisor: Prof. Truong Nguyen, 2012

Se Hoon Lim (Duke University), “Compressive Holography”, Advisor: David J. Brady, 2012

Marcos Efren Bolanos (Michigan State University), “Signal processing inspired graph theoretic methods for understanding functional connectivity of the brain”, Advisor: Prof. Selin Aviyente (2012)

Thomas A. Baran (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Conservation in signal processing systems” (2012), Advisor: Prof. Alan V. Oppenheim

Houbing Song (University of Virginia), “Model-Centric Approach to Discrete-Time Signal Processing for Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing Systems”, Advisor: Prof. Maite Brandt-Pearce. (2012)


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