Summary of the Informal SPCOM TC Meeting at SPAWC 2001

Contributed by Z. Ding

Date: March 22, 2001

Location: Ta-shi Hotel and Resort, Taoyuan, Taiwan ROC

Present: G. Giannakis (chair), D. Slock, Z. Ding, R. Blum, D. Hatzinakos (guest w.r.t. SPAWC 2003 proposal), C.-Y. Chi (guest, organizer of SPAWC 2001), Victor Barosso (guest w.r.t. SPAWC proposal).

  1. The meeting began at 12:00noon.

  2. Chair stated that there is a lack of quorum. No votes or decisions will be made. The meeting can only discuss relevant matters.

  3. On SPAWC'2003. G. Giannakis introduced V. Barosso who presented a plan to organize SPAWC 2003. A a very compelling statement was made regarding how SPAWC can help advance the research activities among universities in Portugal. G. Giannakis informed the committee of a potential second bid for SPAWC 2003 from Turkey.

  4. On the frequency of SPAWC: G. Giannakis suggested the possibility of changing SPAWC into an annual event. The committee agreed to study this suggestion at ICASSP'2001 Z. Ding suggested to use this opportunity as a vehicle to collaborate with the Communications Society, advocating that the workshop can boost its the attendance and broaden its impact.

  5. On SPAWC'2001: The committee thanked C.-Y. Chi for successfully organizing SPAWC'2001.

  6. The meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.