Minutes of SPCOM-TC Meeting at ICASSP-2006, Toulouse Thursday, 18 May 2006, 12:05-13:50 Pierre Baudis Servanty

Members attending (15): A. Swami, N. Sidiropoulos, H. Boche, P. Duhamel, D. Gesbert, F. Hlawatsch, V. Koivunen, G. Leus, Z.-Q. (Tom) Luo, J. Manton, M. Moonen, B. Rao, P. Regalia, A. Sayed, A. Scaglione.

Members absent (15): N. Al-Dhahir, H. Boelcskei, H. El-Gamal, J. Garcia-Frias, M. Ghogho, R. Heath, Y. Hua, A. Liavas, C. Papadias, S.-M. Phoong, P. Schniter, G. Vasquez. X. Wang, D. Xu, Q. Zhao,

Meeting commenced at 12:05.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm.

Transcribed & submitted by

N. Sidiropoulos and A. Swami