Updated 24.07.2009
The Third International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing
Social Program
Underwater Adventures

Sunday December 13, 2009
Aruba is world renowned for its clear waters and stunning coral reefs not to mention accessible shipwrecks. The local organizers Angel Lozano and Robert Heath are pleased to organize diving activities for conference attendees and their guests.

There are two options for scuba diving, depending on your background.

Aruba Tourism Authority
Resort Course - This is a special course for non-divers. This allows you to scuba dive without being certified! The course begins with a few hours of pool training followed by a one-tank boat dive. The course includes all instruction and equipment. It is a great way to see the reefs and experience scuba diving for the first time. The course starts at 8am and finishes by noon. The approximate cost is $85.

Two-Tank Boat Dive - For certified divers, we will head out for a two-tank boat dive to Sonesta Airplane and Sponge reef. The boat leaves at 9am and returns at 2pm. The approximate cost is $75 (with own equipment) or about $100 (with rented equipment).

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to
Angel Lozano angel.lozano@upf.edu with the following information:

Email address
Desired Option
Resort Course
Two-Tank Boat Dive (bring own equipment)
Two-Tank Boat Dive (rent equipment)

Please confirm your participation by November 15. The diving is offered through Unique Sports of Aruba