IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security

Tenerife, Spain, December 2-5, 2012
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We will offer two carefully prepared social events for WIFS'12 attendees in Tenerife: a tour to the Teide Astronomical Observatory and a great banquet at a banana plantation. Furthermore, attendees can also book additional tickets to both events in our registration site or in situ.

Tour to the Tenerife Observatory

We plan to visit Teide Astronomical Observatory (Observatorio astronómico del Teide), located 2.390 metres above sea level. This observatory is ideally suited for studying the sun. For this reason it is home to Europe's finest solar telescopes; you can find more information about the observatory in this site.

There is also a webcam located near the observatory, where you can have a look at the landscape that surrounds this magnificent high technology construction.

Visit our blog entry for further information.

Banquet at Banana Plantation

WIFS 2012 banquet will be held at Punta del Lomo, a beautiful countryhouse located in the southern area of the island, 15 minutes from the Conference venue.

Punta del Lomo is a rural complex built on a banana plantation more than 100 years ago, where the attendants will enjoy the magnificent stone houses and visit the banana plantation.

Bananas were introduced by the British in the early 20th century, and have been one of the most important produces since then, together with grapes and cochineal for making dyes. Bananas are a particularly important crop with a current annual production of about 150,000 tons, down from the peak production of 200,000 tons in 1986. More of 90% of the total is destined for the international market, and banana growing occupies about 4200 hectares.

Canarian bananas are known to be one of the best fruits on the market and contribute significantly to the archipelago economy, together with tourism and fishing.

For further information about WIFS 2012 banquet location, click here.

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During the Banquet, two awards of US$1000 each were given to the most outstanding papers of the conference:

Best Student Paper Award: Pascal Schöttle
for the paper: Weighted Stego-Image Steganalysis for Naive Content-Adaptive Embedding
co-authored by: Pascal Schöttle, Stefan Korff and Rainer Böhme

Best Paper Award: Thijs Laarhoven, Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk and Jeroen Doumen
for the paper: Dynamic Traitor Tracing for Arbitrary Alphabets: Divide and Conquer

Finally, the REWIND project also awarded with US$1000 the most outstanding paper on Multimedia Forensics:

REWIND Award on Multimedia Forensics: Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Giulia Boato and Francesco G.B. De Natale
for the paper: Identify computer generated characters by analysing facial expressions variation