SAM 2010 - Entrance to Israel

All visitors to Israel are required to hold a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry.

Israel has visa-exemptions agreements with many countries; However, participants from some countries are required to obtain a visa before entering Israel. Check the following link for a complete list of countries with their associated visa requirements.

If you need a visa, you should apply for a B/2 visitor's visa at the respective Israeli embassy / consulate (see the following list of Israeli embassies and consulates), using the following form. In such cases an Invitation Letter to the workshop might be helpful. Note that the automatic invitation letters issues by EDAS are sometimes insufficient as support of a visa request. In order to obtain a hand-signed invitation letter for the purpose of a visa request, please apply directly to the workshop's Local Arrangements Chair, Dr. Arie Yeredor, indicating your full name and affiliation and possibly the paper title of an accepted paper that you intend to present (if any).

More details regarding visa requests can be obtained at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' web-site.

Note: For participants planning follow-up travel to Arab countries other than Egypt or Jordan it is possible (and recommended) to request not to stamp your passport with an Israeli stamp upon entrance and departure. Make sure to make this request to the passport control officer when handing the passport for inspection.