Audio Fingerprint, Audio watermark, Speaker ID


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Audio Fingerprint, Audio watermark, Speaker ID

Alibaba Group
Country of Position: 
United States
Contact Name: 
Gang Liu
Technical Area: 
Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
Start Date: 
June 23, 2017
Expiration Date: 
September 30, 2017
Position Description: 

Alibaba iDST Voice++ 

Job Position:  Audio Fingerprint, audio watermark, Speaker Identification

Job Location: Seattle/Beijing/Hangzhou

About us:

iDST(Institute of Data Science and Technology) is Alibaba’s most mysterious department and is dedicated to the challenging questions that “Other departments do not want to do, can not do”.  We are Voice++, one of the youngest teams in the department of iDST-speech. We are dedicated to acoustic data processing including paralinguistic information detection (such as speaker, accent, age, gender, emotion identification), audio fingerprinting, audio watermark, audio data processing of video data, and so on. Based on the Alibaba’s e-business platform, we are committed to providing most competitive audio insight analysis service. We enable hundreds of millions of commercial and social interactions among our users, between consumers and merchants, and among businesses every day though speech. The strong demand ensures enough growing space for each member in our start-up stage.

Skills you’ll need:

·       A willingness to be a better you on a day by day basis;

·       No degree requirement;

·       Background in Engineering, Computer Science or a related field is necessary;

·       R&D experience in speaker/emotion/language ID or audio fingerprinting/watermark is a plus;

·       Speech system performance improvements under adverse condition is a plus;

·       Experience in audio copyright protection, multimedia is a plus;

·       Familiarity with ASR, DNN toolkits is a plus;

·       Familiarity with C++, script language;

·       Solid research publication is a plus;

·       Deep learning experience is a plus;

·       Others skill sets you think might meet our vision.

offer++:  What we can provides besides official offer:

·       Passion and growing space from our start-up stage

·       Opportunity of processing big data from millions of people

·       Opportunity of self-upgrading: patent, publication and conference is strongly encouraged

·       Opportunity of working with top talents in the world

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