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IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging

Special Announcement

The Transactions on Computational Imaging will be publishing two special issues in 2017: Special Issue on Extreme Imaging and Special Issue on Computational Imaging for Earth Sciences. The deadlines for both these special issues are in September 2016, and both are open for submissions now on ScholarOne. Please see the special issues page for the call-for-papers and further details.

From now until December 2016, papers publishing in IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging (TCI) will not be charged overlength page fees.


The IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging will publish articles where computation plays an integral role in the image formation process. Papers will cover all areas of computational imaging ranging from fundamental theoretical methods to the latest innovative computational imaging system designs. Topics of interest will include advanced algorithms and mathematical techniques, model-based data inversion, methods for image and signal recovery from sparse and incomplete data, techniques for non-traditional sensing of image data, methods for dynamic information acquisition and extraction from imaging sensors, software and hardware for efficient computation in imaging systems, and highly novel imaging system design.

Reproducible research

The Transactions encourages authors to make their publications reproducible by making all information needed to reproduce the presented results available online. This typically requires publishing the code and data used to produce the publication's figures and tables on a website; see the supplemental materials section of the information for authors. It gives other researchers easier access to the work, and facilitates fair comparisons.

Multimedia content

It is now possible to submit for review and publish in Xplore supporting multimedia material such as speech samples, images, movies, matlab code etc. A multimedia graphical abstract can also be displayed along with the traditional text. More information is available under Multimedia Materials at the IEEE Author Digital Toolbox.




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