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DSP Engineer

Bose Corporation
Country of Position: 
United States
Contact Name: 
Jennifer Weghorst
Technical Area: 
Digital Signal Processing
Start Date: 
May 03, 2017
Expiration Date: 
July 03, 2017
Position Description: 
The Consumer Electronics Product Engineering organization at Bose has an exciting opportunity for a digital signal processing (DSP) engineer. If you are interested in a career in audio digital signal processing, check this out:

You will work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary team environment. You will develop digital signal processing solutions that directly impact the sound quality experienced by our customers. You will contribute at every level of product development:

  • Implementing audio DSP software in MATLAB, C/C++ and assembly language on multiple embedded hardware targets
  • Validating signal processing algorithms and product performance through critical listening and simulations as well as electrical and acoustical measurements
  • Delivering robust DSP software for high volume manufacturing
  • Being an advocate and guardian of sound quality
  • Generating new product ideas
  • Exploring new technologies
  • Prototyping product concepts
  • Informing processor selection and product architecture

Two or Three years' experience in DSP product development. More important is a strong ability to identify and solve challenging technical problems.


Required Skills

  • Methodical approach to solving technical problems
  • Embedded software development in C
  • Solid understanding of signal processing concepts (discrete signals, sampling theory, z-transforms, Fourier transforms, FIR / IIR filter design)
  • Ability to design and analyze digital filters
  • Proficiency with basic electrical engineering concepts
  • Excellent written and verbal skills; capable of reading and writing detailed technical specifications

Beneficial Skills (not required but advantageous)

  • Assembly programming experience and C++
  • Experience with embedded DSP hardware (TI, ADI, Qualcomm / CSR, and ARM)
  • Experience with digital audio interfaces/formats (SPDIF, HDMI, USB, I2S, Dolby, DTS, MP3, AAC, PCM, A2DP)
  • Embedded processor communication (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • Strong understanding of fixed-point DSP challenges (quantization, limit-cycles, error spectrum shaping)
  • Knowledge of physical acoustics, room acoustics and loudspeakers
  • Familiarity with psychoacoustics concepts (localization, loudness perception)
  • Critical listening skills, experience with formal listening experiments
  • Passion for sound quality


B.S. in related technical discipline (EE, Physics, Computer Science); Graduate degree is a plus

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