Nominate an SPS Member for an Award from The Marconi Society


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Established in Spring 2007, the monthly Inside Signal Processing Newsletter complements the bi-monthly IEEE Signal Processing Magazine to provide timely updates and resources to members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

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April 2017

Nominate an SPS Member for an Award from The Marconi Society

The Marconi Society is a foundation that promotes awareness of major innovations in communication theory, technology and applications with particular attention to understanding how they change and benefit society. The Marconi Society honors the spirit of Guglielmo Marconi — scientist, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. 

The Marconi Society is seeking a diverse set of high quality nominees for their Marconi Prize and the Paul Baran Young Scholar Awards. Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are encouraged to review the award information and submit appropriate nominations. The specific details for each award are noted below. 

The $100,000 Marconi Prize, awarded annually, recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of communications for the benefit of mankind through scientific or technological discoveries. Recipients of the Marconi Prize are designated Marconi Fellows and are expected to pursue further creative work that will add to the understanding and development of communications technology.  Nomination forms must be submitted to the Marconi Society by 31 July 2017 for consideration for the 2018 Prize. 

The Marconi Society also recognizes a diverse group of outstanding young scientists and engineers anywhere in the world who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and potential through its Paul Baran Young Scholar Awards.  Nominations for the Paul Baran Young Scholar Award will be taken until 30 June 2017.

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