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Data Science Initiative

Data Science in Signal Processing

Mission and Vision

Data Science is a theme that is at the core of many activities within the Signal Processing Society. Recently we have seen many IEEE groups focusing or pivoting towards data-driven methods. The mission of the Data Science Initiative (DSI) is to provide a common point of reference for data-related activities in SPS. It will represent the interests of all Technical Committees and Special Interest Groups, focus on providing technical guidance on data matters, and facilitate the organization of data-related activities such as symposia, special sessions, curriculum development, etc.

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Advisory Board:
Steering Committee:


Advisory Board Members
Jose Moura Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Li Deng Microsoft, USA


Steering Committee Members
Jerome Bellegarda Apple, Inc., USA
Michael Rabbat McGill University, USA
Malcolm Slaney Google, USA
Paris Smaragdis University of Illinois, USA
Namrata Vaswani Iowa State University, USA
Patrick Wolfe University College London, USA


Ghassan Al Regib Georgia Tech, USA
Michiel Bacchiani Google, USA
Waheed Bajwa Rutgers University, USA
Vince Calhoun University of New Mexico, USA
Volkan Cevher Ecole polytechnique deferale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Mads Græsbøll Christensen Aalborg University, Denmark
Andre de Almeida Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
Al Hero University of Michigan, USA
Clem Karl Northeastern University, USA
Nikos Sidiropoulos University of Minnesota, USA
Kush Varshney IBM, USA
Zhiyuan Yan Lehigh University, USA
Xiao-Ping Zhang University of Birmingham, USA

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