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Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee


5:  Industry Technology Track
5.1:   Emerging Signal Processing Applications
5.1.1:   M2M Technology
5.1.2:   Display , Cameras and 3D Technology
5.1.3:   Applications of Social Signal Processing
5.1.4:   Green Technologies for Signal Processing
5.1.5:   DSP for Smart Devices
5.1.6:   Signal Processing Technology for Cloud Services
5.1.7:   Signal Processing for Mobile and Embedded Application
5.1.8:   Business intelligence and Big Data Applications
5.1.9:   Digital and Software RF Processing
5.1.10: Terahertz Technology and Signal Processing
5.2:  DSP Tools and Rapid Prototyping
5.2.1:   DSP Simulation Tools
5.2.2:   Rapid Prototyping and languages
5.2.3:   DSP Libraries
5.2.4:   Operating Systems
5.3:  Communication Technologies
5.3.1:   Cellular and Satellite Telephony
5.3.2:   Data Communications and Networking
5.3.3:   Sortware-Defined Radios
5.3.4:   Vocoders
5.4:  Speech Processing Applications
5.4.1:   Speaker Recognition
5.4.2:   Speech Compression
5.4.3:   Speech Enhancement
5.4.4:   Speech Recognition
5.4.5:   Speech Synthesis
5.5:  Multimedia and DTV Technologies
5.5.1:   DSP Implementations of Music, Speech, and Audio
5.5.2:   Image and Video Applications
5.5.3:   Standards and Format Conversions
5.5.4:   Internet and Teleconferencing
5.6:  Adaptive Interference Cancellation
5.6.1:   Smart Antennas
5.6.2:   Active Sound Reduction
5.6.3:   Acoustic and Electrical Noise and Echo Cancellation
5.6.4:   Hands-Free Telephony
5.7:  Automotive Applications
5.7.1:   Intelligent Dashboards, Vehicles, and Highways (IVHS)
5.7.2:   Engine Management
5.7.3:   Route Planning and Tracking
5.7.4:   New Consumer Applications
5.7.5:   Power Systems and Motor Controls
5.8:  Defense and Security Applications
5.8.1:   Optical Correlation
5.8.2:   Decluttering Target Identification and Tracking
5.8.3:   DSP-Based Cryptography, Stenography, and Watermarking
5.8.4:   Radar and Sonar
5.9:   DSP Chips and Architectures
5.9.1:   Mixed Signal Processing
5.9.2:   Special-Purpose and FPGA DSPs
5.9.3:   Host-Based Signal Processing
5.9.4:   Multiprocessor Architectures
5.10:   Other ITT Topics
5.10.1:   Biometrics
5.10.2:   Biomedical
5.10.3:   Other Sub-Topics

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