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Request Conference Sponsorship

Request Conference Sponsorship

The IEEE Signal Processing Society provides different opportunities to work together on conferences. A full description of each type of sponsorship, and the associated request process can be found below. More information on IEEE conference sponsorship can also be found in the IEEE Policies Section 10.1.2.

For any of the options below, please ensure that the dates do not conflict with existing SPS conferences, and that the scope is compatible with SPS field of interest.

Sole Financial Sponsorship

  • Indicates full and sole organizational unit involvement in a conference.
  • Complete responsibility for the technical, financial, promotional and administrative aspects of the conference.
  • The proceedings of IEEE-sponsored conferences qualify for distribution through the IEEE Conference Publications Program and the IEEE Xplore digital library.
  • IEEE SPS sponsored conferences must have the IEEE and SPS logos and IEEE name included in the conference title and all conference publications and announcements.

To obtain Sole Financial Sponsorship, contact sps-conf-proposals@ieee.org to get started.

Financial Co-Sponsorship

  • Indicates a shared involvement among several organizations, one of which is IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS). Other co-sponsoring organizations could be other IEEE groups or other "Non-Profit" non-IEEE organizations.
  • IEEE SPS should have shared and significant involvement in the technical, financial, publicity and administrative areas of the conference. The relationship between sponsoring organizations should be explicitly defined in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding and Operating Agreement.
  • The IEEE and SPS logos should be used on the websites and all conference publications and announcements.

To request Financial Co-Sponsorship, contact sps-conf-proposals@ieee.org to get started.

Technical Co-Sponsorship

  • Indicates direct and substantial involvement in the organization of the technical program, but no financial involvement in the conference.
  • Specific approval is required from the society at least 6 months before the conference takes place and at least 3 months before the paper submission deadline.
  • One or more SPS Technical Committees must be associated with the conference and three or more current SPS members must be represented on the organizing and/or technical program committee.
  • The relationship between sponsoring organizations shall be explicitly defined in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Use of the IEEE and SPS logos on publications, websites, etc., as defined in the IEEE and SPS policies.
  • IEEE-SPS may not approve the proceedings of a conference until after it is held three times. At this point, the Proceedings of the fourth year of the conference, as well as prior year proceedings may be included in IEEE Xplore®.

To request Technical Co-Sponsorship, complete the IEEE Conference Application which can be found on the IEEE website. Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to complete the form. This will begin the review process, which takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. Upon approval, the conference will be required to pay an administrative fee of USD $500.  If you have any questions, please contact sp-conferences-info@ieee.org.

In-Kind Sponsorship

IEEE SPS would like to partner with new conferences and organizations. In-Kind conference sponsorship is available to exchange services related signal processing society and new conference opportunities, and does not typically involve financial support. Requests can either be made for partnership with outside organizations to provide something to SPS conferences or workshops, or for SPS to provide something to other organization’s conferences.

Some examples include:

  • Offering speakers or sessions for an SPS conference in exchange for promotion or exhibit space for your organization;
  • Offering the opportunity for SPS to hold a social event or workshop at your organization’s conference to enrich the scope or community;
  • SPS members who are invited speakers at non-SPS conferences can also apply for this type of sponsorship to officially represent SPS in their role at this conference in exchange for travel support or publicity opportunities;
  • Creating a trial of your product or technology that can be used at an SPS conference in exchange for sponsorship and exhibit space.

To request In-Kind Sponsorship

Complete the In-Kind Sponsorship Request Form. Form should take about 5 minutes to complete. The review will commence within two business days and be completed in about two weeks. For more involved requests, a conference call may be requested to work through the details prior to approval.



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