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Conference Sponsorship Information

Conference Sponsorship Information page image

The IEEE Signal Processing Society provides three types of conference sponsorships as listed below. A full description of each sponsorship can be found in the IEEE Policies Section 10.1.2. Below is a brief description of each, and guidelines for obtaining such sponsorship.

Below are criteria for any type of sponsorship Conference; dates should not conflict with SPS conferences.

Sole Sponsorship

  • Indicates full and sole organizational unit involvement in a conference.
  • Complete responsibility for the technical, financial, promotional and administrative aspects of the conference.
  • The proceedings of IEEE sponsored conferences qualify for distribution through the IEEE Conference Publications Program (CPP)
  • IEEE/SPS sponsored conferences must have the IEEE and SPS logos and IEEE name included in the conference title and all conference publications and announcements.


  • Indicates a shared involvement among several organizations, one of which is an IEEE organizational unit. Other co-sponsoring organizations could be an IEEE organizational unit or other “Not-for-Profit” non-IEEE organizations.
  • Shared and significant involvement in the technical, financial, publicity and administrative areas of the conference. The relationship between sponsoring organizations should be explicitly defined in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • For IEEE Co-sponsored conferences it is recommended that the IEEE and SPS logos be used in all conference publications and announcements

To obtain Sole Sponsorship or Co-Sponsorship:

Please contact the SPS Conference Services Staff at sps-conf-proposals@ieee.org for details.

Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS)

  • Indicates direct and substantial involvement in the organization of the technical program
  • No financial involvement in the conference
  • TCS requires specific approval from the society. The relationship between sponsoring organizations shall be explicitly defined in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Assistance with conference publicity to the SP membership and Call For Papers (CFP) information posted to SPS website
  • Use of the IEEE and SPS logos on publications, websites, etc., as defined in the IEEE and SPS policies
  • Conference proceedings may be available via IEEE Xplore® should the application be approved and the criteria described below be met including timely and properly formatted submission:
  • IEEE-SPS may not approve the proceedings of a conference until after it is held three times. The Proceedings of the fourth year of the conference, as well as prior year proceedings may be included in IEEE Xplore®

To obtain Technical Co-Sponsorship:

Please follow the instructions below, if you have any questions, send a message to sp-tcsrequests@ieee.com.

Step 1

Consider if the conference will meet the following qualifications:

  • One or more SPS Technical Committee associated with the conference
  • Three or more current SPS members represented on the organizing and/or technical program committee
  • Application received at least three months prior to paper submission deadline
  • Application received at least six months prior to the conference start date

Step 2

Complete the IEEE Conference application which can be found on the IEEE website. Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to complete the form. Here is a link to screenshots of the application. For help completing the form please see the TRAINING MODULES. For help completing the form please see the TRAINING MODULES.

Step 3

Please respond to inquiries from the SPS office about the application quickly and allow 4-6 weeks for a decision. Note: Applications are evaluated by the IEEE-SPS Conference Board Executive Subcommittee. Approval is under the authority of the VP-Conferences per SPS Policy 7.4.1(c).

Step 4

If the application is approved the conference will be required to pay an administrative fee of USD $500.00.

Types of IEEE/SPS Involvement and Responsibility
Responsibilities Sole Co-Sponsor Technical Co-Sponsor
Financial 100% No more than 45% (except for those meetings created and approved by the Society under an equal –share arrangement.) 0%
Administration Full Limits of Sharing must be specified in MOU None
Technical/Professional Full Shared Direct, without sponsor credit
Publicity Full1 Shared2 Assist3

1 Services include publicity in: IEEE Conference Search SPS Upcoming Conferences and Conference Calendar SP Magazine Content Gazette SPS CFP Digest SP eNewsletter SP Social Media

2 Services include publicity in: IEEE Conference Search SPS Upcoming Conferences and Conference Calendar SP Magazine Content Gazette SPS CFP Digest SP eNewsletter SP Social Media

3 Discounted rate offered for full page ad in SP magazine, space permitting
services include publicity in: IEEE Conference Search SPS Upcoming Conferences and Conference Calendar SP Magazine SPS CFP Digest

Use of IEEE and SPS Logos Yes Yes Yes*
*specific SPS logo is used for technical co-sponsorship

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