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Organize Local Events & Member Driven Initiatives

IEEE Signal Processing Society offers funding to SPS members and chapters to encourage volunteerism and society involvement in local activities. The Society offers funding opportunities for several programs under the Member Driven Initiatives program.

In 2021, the MDI program launched two new programs in addition to the existing Seasonal School and Chapter Initiative funding to increase involvement locally through Regional Events and Forums.

SPS members and Chapters can request up to:

  1. US$5,000 in support for in-person or hybrid events
  2. US$3000 for virtual events.

In 2022, the Society launched its newest initiative program in collaboration with the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee. The SPS-HAC initiative program is aimed at utilizing Signal Processing technologies to address local community challenges and has its own separate call for proposals. More information can be found below.

Member Driven Initiatives

Member Driven Initiative proposals are reviewed on a semi-annual basis.

  • Cycle 1 initiatives (formerly "summer") are events held during April-September and have a proposal submission deadline typically around January.
  • Cycle 2 Initiatives (formerly "winter") are events held during October-March and have a proposal submission deadline typically around June.

Current calls for proposals will be sent to all SPS members and posted to the Call for Proposals page on the SPS website.

Initiative options are outlined below:

Seasonal Schools in Signal Processing (S3P)

Seasonal schools are geared towards providing attendees with specialized background in select signal processing topics, professors and established practitioners work with attendees in virtual tutorials and applications, and building meaningful collaborative relationships. For more details, visit the Seasonal Schools page.


Aimed at networking events with topics of interest to industry members. Formats include panel sessions and presentations or lectures by industry experts. Content should be created based on interest to industry and cannot include papers for publication.

Member Driven Initiatives page photo

Regional Meetings

Local high quality technical events (such as local workshops or small conferences) to serve the local or regional community. Events should target themes of interest to SPS members. Meetings can include conference paper publications.

Chapter Initiatives

Submitted by the local Chapter, these interactive events are designed to provide attendees with specialized background in select signal processing topics, chapter-centered events for practicing engineers, chapter meetings featuring industry executives, outreach to get students at primary schools interested in signal processing, design competitions, or other ideas.

SPS-Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) Projects

The IEEE Signal Processing Society has partnered with the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) to conduct a special Call for Proposals to support projects in SPS chapters that utilize Signal Processing technologies to address local community challenges. Projects should present a convincing plan to a) understand the real needs of a local community or local stakeholder organization and b) complete in no more than six months’ time a pilot project utilizing Signal Processing technologies to address those local community challenges.

The official SPS-HAC Call for Proposals and full details on the program are located on the IEEE SPS & HAC Projects Call for Proposals on Signal Processing Technologies for Local Community Challenges page.

Proposal Form Submission & Review

  • Please submit proposals for Seasonal Schools, Forums, Regional Meetings, and Chapter Initiatives by completing the form below and attaching the proposed initiative budget for review by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and potential partnership. All proposal submissions require a Member Driven Initiative Detailed Budget Form to be uploaded in order for the proposal to be considered a complete proposal. Download the Detailed Budget Form.
  • The proposal form for Chapter Initiatives, Forums, Regional Meetings, and Seasonal School initiative proposals can be accessed at the following link: Member Driven Initiatives Proposal Submission
  • Membership Event Organizer Guidelines: For all SPS financially sponsored and co-sponsored membership related events with the main purpose to help organizers create coherent event experiences.

The proposal form, along with full details of the current call for proposals for SPS-Humanitarian Activities initiative can be access at the following link: IEEE SPS & HAC Projects Call for Proposals on Signal Processing Technologies for Local Community Challenges.

For more information, questions, email

If this Proposal Form is approved, the organizers will be encouraged to further develop a full proposal for a more comprehensive review by IEEE Signal Processing Society.


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