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State of the Society

State of the Society at ICASSP

Each year, the Signal Processing Society prepares a presentation on organizational changes, society conferences and events, publications, new initiatives, educational activity, awards and membership growth.

The Society President presents the State of the Society (Opening Ceremony & Awards) at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), March 2017, New Orleans, USA. Highlights include:

  • Visibility Campaign
  • New Organizational Changes New Conferences
  • New Journals
  • New Technical Directions Membership Growth
  • New Educational Activities New Awards

ICASSP 2016 Opening Ceremony &
Awards Presentation:

Complete Presentation:

To learn more about the Society accomplishments, please click on the State of the Society Archive tab at the top of the page.



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  • Special issue on "Music Signal Processing" in the IEEE SPS magazine got announced, whitepaper jan'18, publication jan'19.
  • Delighted to welcome for 19th Annual 3 day international conference. In association with…
  • What a terrible decision to move. Very disappointing. I'm now boycotting

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