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Signal Processing Society Liaisons & Representatives

Note: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) documents for the following committees are available only to designated representatives that serve within the committees. Dates in parenthesis refer to term end dates.

If you are an SPS member and belong to one of the committees below, please log in at the top right of the page using your IEEE login credentials and the documents will be available for viewing. 

Committee Representatives
AVSS Steering Committee

SPS Steering Committee Chair: Stefano Tubaro (12/31/19)
IVMSP Technical Committee Representative: Chaker Larabi (12/31/19)
Associate Members: Vacant

ICME Steering Committee

Representatives: Zhu Li (12/31/19), Xiao-Ping Zhang (12/31/20)

ISBI Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chair: Jens Rittscher (12/31/19)
BISP Technical Committee Representative: Erik Meijering (12/31/19)
Representatives: Arrate Munoz Barrutia (12/31/19) , Philippe Ciuciu (12/31/19)

Committee Representatives
Council on Radio Frequency Identification

AdCom Representatives: Feifei Gao (12/31/19), Shashikant Patil (12/31/19)
Associate Editors: Feifei Gao (12/31/19), Shashikant Patil (12/31/19)
Steering Committee Representative: Shashikant Patil (12/31/19)

Sensors Council

Representative: Peter Willett (12/31/19)

IEEE Level Activities
Committee Representatives
Future Directions Committee

Representative: Anna Scaglione (12/31/19)

TAB Magazine Committee

Member: Robert Heath (12/31/20)

Women in Engineering Committee

Representative: Sally Wood (12/31/20)

Committee Representatives
Brain Initiative

Representative: Jose Principe (12/31/21)

Future Networks Initiative

Representative: Zoltan Safar (12/31/19)

Internet of Things Technical Community Initiative

Representative: Magdy Bayoumi (12/31/19)

Life Sciences Technical Community Initiative

Representatives: Erik Meijering (12/31/19), Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin (12/31/2019)

Smart Grid Initiative Steering Committee

Representative: Ali Tajer (12/31/20)

Committee Representatives
Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine Editorial Board

Representative: Mrityunjoy Chakraborty (12/31/19)

Control Systems Letters

Steering Committee Representative: Amit K. Roy Chowdhury (12/31/19)
Associate Editor: Vikram Krishnamurthy (12/31/20)

Internet of Things Journal Steering Committee

Representative: Rongshan Yu (12/31/19)

Journal on Biomedical Health Informatics Steering Committee

Representatives: Weidong Cai (12/31/20), Justin Dauweis (12/31/20)

MultiMedia Magazine Editorial Board

Representative: Andrea Cavallaro (12/31/19)

Security and Privacy Magazine

Representative: Anderson Rocha (12/31/20)

Transactions on Affective Computing

Representative: Pascale Fung (12/31/19)

Transactions on Big Data

Representative: Georgios Giannakis (12/31/19)

Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networks

Representative: Shuguang (Robert) Cui (12/31/19)

Transactions on Computational Imaging Technical Liaison Committee

Representative: W. Clem Karl (12/31/20)

Transactions on Green Communications and Networking

Representative: Wei Zhang (12/31/20)

Transactions on Medical Imaging

Representatives: Arrate Muñoz Barrutia (12/31/19), Mathews Jacob (12/31/19)

Transactions on Mobile Computing Steering Committee

Representatives: Timothy Davidson (12/31/20), Min Dong (12/31/21)

Transactions on Multimedia Steering Committee

Representatives: Shrikanth Narayanan (12/31/21), Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas (12/31/20)

Transactions on Signal & Information Processing Over Networks Technical Liaison Committee

Representative: Vincenzo Matta (12/31/19)

Transactions on Smart Grid

Representative: Ali Tajer (12/31/20)

Transactions on Wireless Communications Steering Committee

Representative: Erik G. Larsson (12/31/22)

Wireless Communications Letters Steering Committee

Representatives: Yingbo Hua (12/31/19), David J. Love (12/31/21)

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