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Certified Chapters Highlights


Chapter highlights:
2020- 2023 | 2019-2022 | 2018-2021 | 2017-2020


Chapter Chapter Details
Long Island Chapter Chair: Jess Donaldson
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Long Island (LI) Signal Processing Society (SPS) caters to hardware, firmware and software engineers involved in signal processing techniques, implementation and apparatus.
Chicago Chapter Chair: Rashid Ansari
Located in the heart of Chicago, our vibrant chapter serves the Chicagoland signal processing community and provides access to the best local and international expertise in the field. It serves as a resource to members by providing opportunities for organizing.
Twin Cities Chapter Chair: Tao Zhang
A vibrant and collaborative chapter who proactively serves the members of the Twin-City signal processing and communication societies.
Santa Clara Valley Chapter Chair: Yang Lei
The IEEE Santa Clara Valley SPS chapter proactively serves SPS members in the heart of Silicon Valley. Supported from a well-connected volunteer team, we bring in cutting-edge technologies, applications, and inspiring insights to the community.
Long Island Chapter Chair: Jess Donaldson
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Long Island (LI) Signal Processing Society (SPS) caters to hardware, firmware and software engineers involved in signal processing techniques, implementation and apparatus.
Serbia & Montenegro Chapter Chair: Budimir Lutovac
Our Chapter is an IEEE Joint Chapter Signal Processing/Circuits and Systems (SP-01/CAS-04), Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro and it has 107 (SP-01:76 and CAS-04:31) members. Our Chapter is actively involved in organizations of 2 IEEE conferences; NEUREL(Symposium on Neural Networks and Applications) and MECO (The Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing). We are trying to promote the significance of membership in the IEEE.
Rio de Janeiro Chapter Chair: Markus Vinicius Lima
Rio de Janeiro Signal Processing Chapter: disseminating the knowledge, engaging people, and inspiring current and future researchers.
Hyderabad Chapter Chair: Lalitha Vadlamani
The Hyderabad Chapter strives to bring together academicians, industry, students with similar technical/research interests in the area of signal processing and communications. The Chapter organizes a flagship event known as Alexander Graham Bell Memorial Lecture every year and invite an eminent researcher to speak. Recently, the chapter started organizing a workshop series, where the chapter invites speakers from premiere institutions in the country to give half a day tutorial on cutting edge research areas. Each year, the workshop comprises of eight half a day lectures spread over two weekends to enhance industry participation.
Madras Chapter Chair:S. Salivahanan
The Chennai Chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society was founded on 2 nd September 2017 with 40 members. The objectives of the Chapter are to contribute to the advancement and dissemination of signal processing education and research in the region and enhance meaningful interaction between members of the signal processing society.
New South Wales Chapter Chair: Stephen Joyce
Our joint chapter is titled "Communications, Signal Processing and Ocean Engineering" Dr Philip Ogunbuna (Signal Processing), A.Prof Sam Reisenfeld (Communications) and Dr Brian Ferguson created the Joint Chapter. We focused on "converged" environments where signal processing connected with research, industry initiatives delivering benefits to media creation and distribution, image and data analysis techniques to benefit the current "data driven" transformation occurring in the 3 chapter society related activities.
Western Australia Chapter Chair: Douglas K. Chai
The IEEE Victoria SPS Chapter serves IEEE and IEEE SPS members in Melbourne and the state of Victoria Australia. It promotes the signal processing discipline and related applications in the Victoria regions and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Philadelphia Chapter Chair: Michael A Mayor
At the IEEE Philadelphia Section SPS Chapter we conduct meetings which are of general interest to the Society members. These meetings are conducted during the IEEE Section Night, covering a broad range of subjects, or in conjunction with local Universities, e.g. Drexel, Temple and the University of Pennsylvania. We try to have Distinguished Lecturers as often as possible.
Lithuania Chapter Chair: Arturas Serackis
SP/CIS/COM joint chapter of IEEE Lithuania Section unites a group of outstanding professionals in their field in Lithuania who give high priority not only to the practical application of existing technologies but also to the continuous monitoring of future technologies. Chapter members are able to initiate technical meetings on a specific current topic; meetings in parallel to the annual conferences, where each year you are expecting to meet colleagues, old and new chapter members. In addition, chapter initiates support of annual conferences and workshops, organized in Lithuania and neighboring countries.
South Brazil Chapter Chair: Kenji Nose Filho
The IEEE SPS South Brazil Chapter (SP01) was created at the end of 2010 and covers the state of São Paulo, the state with the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Brazil. It is also home of some of the most important universities in the country, such as the University of São Paulo (USP), the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), the São Paulo State University (UNESP), the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), the Federal University of São Carlos (UFScar) and the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). We have made great efforts to recruit members, hoping to bring together signal processing researchers, users and students. Most of the chapter members come from the many public and private universities in the region, but recently we have also attracted members from industry.
Chengdu Chapter Chair: Qian He
A young and active chapter located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
Malaysia Chapter Chair: Rajasvaran Logeswaran
An award winning multi-represented Chapter promoting signal processing locally and abroad.
Singapore Chapter Chair: Lokesh Bheema Thiagarajan
IEEE Singapore Signal Processing Chapter has a committed team of members from academia and industry striving to bring the latest happenings in Signal Processing and its applications to the students, members and professionals in Singapore.
Tokyo Chapter Chair: Kazuya Takeda
SPS Tokyo Joint Chapter is a nationwide SPS chapter of Japan. We promote signal processing researchers and engineers in Japan to share cutting-edge signal processing technology.

UK & Ireland Chapter Chair: Marwan M. Al-Akaidi
The UK & Ireland Chapter is very active in organising & providing technical support over 8 conferences (including workshops, seminars, & inviting speakers) per year in UK & Ireland.
Ukraine (Kharkiv) Chapter Chair: Mariya S. Antyufeyeva
SP/AP/C/EMC/COM Kharkiv is a joint chapter of several IEEE societies, the professional interests of which are overlapped and interrelated in many issues: Antennas and Propagation Society, Signal Processing Society, Computer Society, Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.
Italy Chapter Chair: Mauro Barni
The Italian chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society gathers scholars, practitioners and students interested to keep abreast of the latest technological advances in Signal processing and related disciplines. In the last decade the members of the chapter has increased up to more than 300 individuals and has organising several initiatives for its members, including distinguished lectures, summers schools and thematic meetings, all across Italy.
Colombia Chapter Chair: Henry Arguello Fuentes
The SP Colombia Chapter aims at bringing together Colombian researchers, students and professionals interested in the signal processing area. Also, we promote collaborative work among national researchers, as well as international partnerships, that enrich local signal processing skills. We are convinced that hard teamwork significantly improves individual skills, and is a valuable tool for boosting Colombian scientific and industrial sectors.
Wuhan Chapter Chair: Xiang Bai
IEEE SPS Wuhan chapter consists of hundreds of active researchers working on communication, signal, and particulary image processing and computer vision, and regulariy organizes seminars and forums to share recent works.

Spain Chapter Chair: Victor P. Gil Jimenez
The Spanish Chapter promotes the Signal processing research and activities as a global and interdisciplinary way. First, because is a joint chapter with Communications Society and second because is the way we think it should be. Nowadays communications are becoming a comodity and ubiquos what means very complex algorithms and huge information. Both can and must be tackled by signal processing.

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