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Multimedia Signal Processing

Technical Committee


  1. Multimodal signal processing
    1.1. Joint processing/presentation of audio-visual information
    1.2. Synchronization of audio and visual data
    1.3. Fusion/fission of sensor information or multimodal data
    1.4. Integration of media, art, and multimedia technology
  2. Virtual reality and 3D imaging
    2.1. 2D and 3D graphics/geometry coding and animation
    2.2. 3D audio and video processing
    2.3. Virtual reality and mixed-reality in networked environments
  3. Multimedia communications and networking
    3.1. Wireless and mobile multimedia communication
    3.2. Media streaming, media content distribution, and storage
    3.3. Quality of service provisioning
    3.4. Cross-layer design for multimedia communication
    3.5. Overlay, peer-to-peer, and peer-assisted networking for multimedia
    3.6. Home networking for multimedia
    3.7. Location-aware multimedia computing
    3.8. Multimedia sensor and ad hoc networks
    3.9. Media compression and related standardization activities
    3.10. Distributed source and source-channel coding
    3.11. Multimedia watermarking
  4. Multimedia security and content protection
    4.1. Data hiding
    4.2. Authentication
    4.3. Access control
    4.4. Single and multi-media security
    4.5. Multimedia forensics
    4.6. Security applications of watermarking and fingerprinting
  5. Multimedia human-machine interface and interaction
    5.1. Human perception modelling
    5.2. Modeling of multimodal perception
    5.3. Human-human and human-computer dialog
    5.4. Multimodal interfaces
    5.5. Brain-computer interfaces
  6. Quality Assessment
    6.1. Subjective visual quality assessment
    6.2. Objective visual quality assessment
    6.3. Subjective auditory quality assessment
    6.4. Objective auditory quality assessment
    6.5. Evaluation of user experience, cross-modal assessment
    6.6. Standardization activities
  7. Multimedia databases and digital libraries
    7.1. Visual indexing, analysis and representation
    7.2. Audio indexing, analysis and representation
    7.3. Content-based and context-based information retrieval
    7.4. Knowledge and semantics in media annotation and retrieval
    7.5. Fingerprinting and duplicate detection
  8. Multimedia computing systems and applications
    8.1. Multimedia system design
    8.2. Distributed multimedia systems
    8.3. Entertainment and gaming
    8.4. e-Health and telemedicine
    8.5. IP video/web conferencing
    8.6. e-learning
  9. Hardware and software for multimedia systems
    9.1. Multimedia hardware design
    9.2. Real-time multimedia systems
    9.3. Implementations on graphics processing units (GPUs)
    9.4. Implementations on general-purpose processors, multimedia processors, DSPs, multi-core processors
    9.5. Implementations in portable/wearable systems
    9.6. Power-aware systems for multimedia
  10. Haptic technology and interaction
    10.1. Processing and rendering of haptic signals
    10.2. Compression and transmission of haptic signals
    10.3. Audio-visual-haptic environments
    10.4. Multimedia applications using haptics
  11. Bio-inspired multimedia signal processing
    11.1. Bio-inspired signal processing for multimedia
    11.2. Multimodal signal fusion in humans and animals
    11.3. Joint bio-inspired and conventional multimedia signal processing

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