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Typically either summer or winter schools with a primary objective in membership development for students interested in signal processing, as well as organizing opportunities to network with professors and established practitioners and engage in hands-on tutorials in signal processing.

Winter schools are held from October to March, while Summer Schools are held from April to September. Seasonal call for proposals will be sent to all SPS members and posted to the SPS website on the Call for Proposals page.

Additional objectives of the seasonal schools program include:

  • Increase awareness of Signal Processing Society and technical committee activities
  • Building communities of Ph.D. students and educators
  • Engage local chapters in membership development and educational activities
  • Link distinguished lecturers to relevant membership development activities
  • Tutorial materials that can be disseminated online to the larger signal processing community

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If organized by SPS Certified Chapters, pre-approval of Technical Sponsorship by SPS can be obtained for any Seasonal Schools taking place in the following three years. This opportunity is available to Certified Chapters that have successfully supported at least two SPS seasonal schools during the last three years. Success is defined as financially sound, high quality technical programs, membership development activities, as well as positive feedback from attendees.

To apply for this program, the chapter should send an email to the Membership Board with detailed information on their activities during the previous three events and detail the requirements noted above. If financial support is needed, the Chapter would need to apply through the regular Seasonal Schools call for proposal process.


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