ICASSP SP Clarity Challenge: Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids: IEEE ICASSP 2023

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ICASSP SP Clarity Challenge: Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids: IEEE ICASSP 2023


This signal processing challenge is designed to get the latest advancements in speech enhancement applied to hearing aids. 430 million people worldwide require rehabilitation to address hearing loss. Yet even in developed countries, only 40% of people who could benefit from hearing aids have them and use them often enough, because they believe that hearing aids perform poorly.

The scenario for the challenge is listening to speech in the presence of typical domestic noise. Entrants will be tasked to enhance speech-in-noise, which is then fed to a fixed hearing aid processor. We will tune this to the hearing characteristics of the listener. Thus you can enter without in-depth knowledge of hearing aids, and just concentrate on the task of de-noising the signal that the hearing aid receives. We will provide the signals captured by the microphones on a pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids. The challenge is to improve the speech intelligibility without excessive loss of quality. To this end, entries will be evaluated using an objective metric that is an average of the Hearing Aid Speech Perception Index (HASPI) and Hearing Aid Speech Quality Index (HASQI).

Visit the Challenge website for details and more information!


Technical Committee: Speech and Language Processing


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