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PhD Theses

Fang Lu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), “Digital Image and Video Processing Using Subpixel Rendering”, Advisor: Oscar C. AU (2011)

Alan D. Kaplan (Washington University in St. Louis), “Information Processing for Biological Signals: Application to Laser Doppler Vibrometry”, Advisor: Prof. Joseph A. O'Sullivan (2011)

Quan Ding (University of Rhode Island), “Statistical signal processing and its applications to detection, model order selection, and classification”, adviser: Prof. Steven Kay (2011)

This dissertation has focused on topics in statistical signal processing including detection and estimation theory, information fusion, model order selection, as well as their applications to standoff detection.

Joachim Thiemann (McGill University), “A Sparse Auditory Envelope Representation with Iterative Reconstruction    for Audio Coding”, Advisor: Prof. Peter Kabal

Gregory Allen (The University of Texas at Austin), “Computational Process Networks: A Model and Framework for High-Throughput Signal Processing” Advisor: Prof. Brian L. Evans (2011)

Hamood-ur Rehman (University of Texas at Austin), "Artifact Assessment and Generation of Video Halftones". Advisor: Prof. Brian L. Evans (Dec. 2010)

Alexander Olshevsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), " Efficient information aggregation strategies for distributed control and signal processing", Advisor: Prof. John N. Tsitsiklis (2010)

Yongle Wu (University of Maryland), "Game-Theoretic Strategies for Dynamic Behavior in Cognitive Radio Networks" Advisor: Prof. K. J. Ray Liu (2010)

Brännmark, Lars-Johan (Uppsala University), “Robust Sound Field Control for Audio Reproduction: A Polynomial Approach to Discrete-Time Acoustic Modeling and Filter Design” Advisor: Prof. Ahlén, Anders(2011)

This thesis is concerned with the design and analysis of robust discrete-time filters for audio equalization and sound field control in real reverberant environments. Inspired by methods in polynomial control theory, a unified framework for acoustic modeling and filter design is developed.

Wen Dong (MIT, Media Laboratory),  “Modeling the Structure of Collective Intelligence” Advisors: Alex (Sandy) Pentland (2010)



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