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Multimedia Signal Processing

Technical Committee


NOTE: The Technical Committee's EDICS list is derived from the Society's Unified EDICS list. You can view the Society's complete Unified EDICS ist and EDICS list approval process on the Unified EDICS page.

EDICS Notations:
- Bolded text represents the EDICS major topic category
- Blue shaded rows represent EDICS that can be selected as paper's topic.
- Non-shaded rows represent sub-topic EDICSs for those above them.


Signal Processing for Multimedia Applications
  • [ASLAS] Audio/Speech/Language Analysis and Synthesis
  • [CCMT] Compression, Coding, Media Conversion and Transcoding
  • [IVGAS] Image/Video/Graphics Analysis and Synthesis
  • [SYNA] Integration of Synthetic and Natural Audio/Video
  • [3DA] 3-D Audio Signal Processing
  • [3DV] 3-D Video Signal Processing
Technology Components and System Integration
Human Centric Multimedia
  • [MHMI] Multimodal Human-machine Interfaces and Interaction
  • [MPIM] Multimodal Perception, Integration, and Multisensory Fusion
  • [QAUE] Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment, and User Experience
Multimedia Environments
  • [AVEW] Audio-visual-haptic Environments and Workspaces
  • [MTAC] Multimodal Telepresence and Collaboration
  • [VAAR] Virtual and Augmented Reality
Multimedia Databases and File Systems
  • [BIGM] Big Data Support for Multimedia
  • [KNOW] Knowledge and Semantics Modeling for Multimedia Databases
  • [SEAR] Multimedia Search and Retrieval
[MA} Multimedia Applications
[STAN] Standards and Related Issues in Multimedia
Multimedia Communications and Networking
  • [MCCC] Media Cloud Computing and Communication
  • [MSTRC] Multimedia Streaming, Transport, Error Resilience and Concealment
  • [SCNC] Distributed/Cooperative Networks and Communication
  • [WMMM] Wireless and Mobile Multimedia
Emerging Areas in Multimedia
  • [DLMA] Deep Learning for Multimedia Analysis
  • [DLMP] Deep Learning for Multimedia Processing


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