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Computational Imaging Technical Committee

Past Members


Past Chairs | Past Members

Note: Term served appears in parenthesis next to name, and ended in December of the last year listed.

Past Chairs

The chair serves as the vice-chair/past-chair for one year before/after
the two-year term as the chair.

Brendt Wohlberg (2016-2017)


Past Members

Charles Bouman (2016-2018)
Yoram Bresler (2016)
Mujdat Cetin (2016)
Mike Davies (2016-2017)
Yonina Eldar (2016-2017)
Jeff Fessler (2016-2017)
Mario Figueiredo (2016-2017)
Sergio Goma (2016-2017)
Laurent Jacques (2016-2018)
Kevin Kelly (2016-2018)
Stamatis Lefkimmiatis (2016-2018)
Peyman Milanfar (2016-2017)
Aswin Sankaranarayanan (2016-2018)
Guillermo Sapiro (2016)
Sabine Susstrunk (2016)
James Theiler (2016)
Jean Baptiste Thibault (2016)
Ashok Veeraghavan (2016-2017)
Luminita Vese (2016-2017)
Gordon Wetzstein (2016-2017)
Rebecca Willett (2016-2017)
Jong Chul Ye (2016-2018)
Jinghong Zheng (2016-2018)

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