PhD Position in Computational Imaging

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PhD Position in Computational Imaging

Portland State University
Country of Position: 
United States
Subject Area: 
Applies to General Signal Processing
Computational Imaging
Start Date: 
June 23, 2022
Expiration Date: 
October 30, 2022
Position Description: 

The Computational Imaging Lab in the Department of Computer Science at Portland State University is hiring a graduate student starting Winter/Spring 2022. This is a fully funded PhD student position and includes a monthly stipend and tuition waiver. The position will be for 1 year, initially, and will be renewed for up to a maximum of 5 years (subject to satisfactory progress and availability of funding).

We are developing next generation cameras and algorithms that can capture images in challenging conditions where conventional cameras struggle: imaging in extremely dark or extremely bright environments, imaging high resolution 3D structures from long distances, and imaging through poor visibility like smoke and fog. We envision a future where such cameras will improve everyone’s quality of life: computer vision systems for autonomous cars that make drivers and pedestrians safer, high-precision cameras for surgical robots, and image sensors that improve accuracy of medical diagnoses.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in CS/CE/EE or a related field, strong communication and writing skills, and a keen desire to solve real-world problems. We are looking for candidates who are strong in some of the areas listed below, and are eager to learn more about areas that aren’t currently their strength:
- Mathematical background in calculus, linear algebra and probability
- Programming experience in Matlab/Python/R, C/C++
- Machine learning experience with libraries like PyTorch or TensorFlow
- Some hands-on electronics prototyping experience (e.g. Arduino)

Computational imaging is a highly interdisciplinary research area. The success of our lab will depend on a truly interdisciplinary team with researchers from diverse backgrounds. We especially encourage students who are historically under-represented in computer science and engineering to apply.This includes but is not limited to women, students with disabilities, socio-economically disadvantaged groups, and first-generation college students.

Portland State University is a public university known nationally for its innovation, community engagement and sustainability initiatives. Its urban setting and its unique relationship to city and regional agencies provides a living laboratory for urban research and industry and government collaboration. The Portland area is home to numerous technology companies including Google, Intel, Apple, Amazon and Nvidia that collectively employ more than 40,000 people.

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