Post-Doctoral Researcher

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Post-Doctoral Researcher

University of Sao Paulo
Country of Position: 
Contact Name: 
Vitor H. Nascimento
Subject Area: 
Signal Processing Communications and Networking
Sensor Array and Multichannel
Start Date: 
July 12, 2019
Expiration Date: 
August 12, 2019
Position Description: 

The ELIOT project aims to study communication networks of interconnected devices that lie at the core of many key future technologies such as distributed control systems for autonomous vehicles, sensor networks for structural health monitoring and for smart cities. In addition to reliability, all these applications come with strict requirements in terms of: energy efficiency, security, latency and self-optimization capabilities, and demand for innovative enabling technologies. The 
emerging Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, projected to connect billions of wireless "things" (wireless sensors, wearables, biochip transponders, etc.) in a vast network with drastically different characteristics among its components, has moved from being a futuristic vision to an increasing reality over the recent years.

This Post-Doctoral position involves the study of physical-layer algorithms such as transmit and receive beamforming, and coding schemes algorithms used in IoT networks taking into account the need for low power consumption and different requirements in latency and rate, and their use in conjunction with coarse quantization schemes.  In particular, the work involves the application to large-scale systems where robust transmit beamforming or precoders can be designed based on work done for robust beamforming with sensor arrays, robust techniques and resource allocation.

While joint coding/beamforming techniques have been available already for some time, the goal of this research is to develop novel robust beamforming methods that take into account the requirements of IoT networks equipped with multiple antennas and the use of coarse quantization.

Candidates should have a strong background on signal processing and telecommunications, particularly array processing and coding.  The scholarship includes funding for relocation to Sao Paulo.

This is a joint research project between the USP, (Brazil), PUC-Rio (Brazil) and ENSEA (France).  The researcher will be based at USP in Sao Paulo, but may spend periods also in PUC-Rio and ENSEA.

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