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Name Description
ADEL Adaptation, Detection, Estimation, and Learning
ADEL-DDE Distributed detection and estimation  
ADEL-DAN Distributed adaptation over networks
ADEL-DLN Distributed learning over networks
ADEL-DTT Distributed target tracking  
ADEL-BLSP Bayesian learning; Bayesian signal processing 
ADEL-SLN Sequential learning over networks
ADEL-DMN Decision making over networks
ADEL-DDL Distributed dictionary learning
ADEL-DGTS Distributed game theoretic strategies 
ADEL-DIP Distributed information processing  
ADEL-GKM Graphical and kernel methods
ADEL-CNS Consensus over network systems
ADEL-ONS Optimization over network systems
SIPG Signal and Information Processing over Graphs
SIPG-DIS Distributed processing of graph data
SIPG-STOC Stochastic processes over graphs
SIPG-SAMP Sampling, interpolation, denoising and reconstruction
SIPG-REP Transforms, filtering, representation
SIPG-GCN Graph convolutional neural networks
SIPG-APP Applications
SIPG-MEND Modeling and Estimation of Network Dynamics
SIPG-IDP Information Diffusion and Propagation
SIPG-MNE Modeling of Network Evolution
SIPG-GTOP Graph learning and network topology inference
CNS Communications, Networking, and Sensing
CNS-DMS Distributed monitoring and sensing
CNS-SPDCN Signal processing for distributed communications and networking
CNS-SPCN Signal processing for cooperative networking
CNS-SPNS Signal processing for network security
CNS-NSPRA Optimal network signal processing and resource allocation
CNS-SQP Scheduling and queuing protocols
CNS-CCMCT Cooperative and coordinated multi-cell techniques
CNS-DSCD Distributed source and channel decoding
CNS-ADHC Ad-hoc wireless networks
CNS-APPL Applications of sensor networks
CNS-ENGY Energy efficient sensor network algorithms
CNS-LLC Low latency communications
CNS-LOCL Source localization in sensor networks
CNS-PHYL Physical layer issues
CNS-FUSE Data fusion from multiple sensors
CNS-CLRD Cross-Layer design
CNS-RSMG Resource management issues
CNS-SQUE Scheduling and queuing protocols
CNS-SYLO System level optimization
MA Modeling and Analysis
MA-PBM Performance and bounds of methods
MA-RV Robustness and vulnerability
MA-NMI Network modeling and identification
MA-SNIPS Simulations of networked information processing systems
MA-SL Social learning
MA-BNSP Bio-inspired network signal processing
MA-EDP Epidemics and diffusion in populations
IMA Imaging and Media Applications
IMA-IVPN Image and video processing over networks
IMA-MCCC Media cloud computing and communication
IMA-MST Multimedia streaming and transport
IMA-SMCN Social media computing and networking
IMA-SPCPS Signal processing for cyber-physical systems
IMA-WMM Wireless/mobile multimedia
OTH-CPSY Cyber-physical systems
OTH-ETOP Emerging topics
OTH-IOT Internet of things
OTH-CC Crowd computing


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