5-MICC at ICASSP 2020

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5-MICC Contest at ICASSP 2020

5-MICC at ICASSP 2020: Let There Be a Beam!

Organizing Committee

- Dr Wei Liu (Chair), University of Sheffield, UK (w.liu@sheffield.ac.uk)

- Dr Mohammad Reza Anbiyaei, Alzahra University, Iran (m.r.anbiyaei@alzahra.ac.ir)

- Dr Xue Jiang, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China (xuejiang@sjtu.edu.cn)

- Dr Lei Zhang, Glasgow University, UK (Lei.Zhang@glasgow.ac.uk)

Call for Video

The Signal Processing Society is pleased to announce the 5-Minute Video Clip Contest (5-MICC) at ICASSP 2020 in Barcelona (May 4-8).

The topic chosen this year is Beamforming, which, based on a spatially distributed array of sensors (antennas, microphones, hydrophones, etc.), can form a beam in space for enhanced signal reception or transmission, which has a wide range of applications, such as radar, sonar, teleconferencing, radio astronomy, seismology, medical diagnosis and treatment, human computer interface, and wireless communications, etc. The submitted video can cover any aspects of beamforming related areas. For example, it can be a general introduction to beamforming and how it works, one or more specific beamforming techniques, recent developments in beamforming and future directions, one or more specific applications of beamforming, various demonstrations of beamforming devices and systems, and so on. Nonetheless, the contest will also accept “open topic” video submissions, even if they are not related to the topic of beamforming. The rationale for this is to engage the broad Signal Processing community to come up with creative ideas. Open topic submissions will compete together with submissions of the chosen yearly topic of beamforming, evaluated by a judging panel with additional members reflecting the submitted open topic areas.

The contest is open for submissions from IEEE SPS members, including undergraduate and graduate students of all majors, as well as researchers from all over the world. Each team must be composed of: (i) One faculty member (the Supervisor); (ii) At most one graduate student (the Tutor), and; (iii) At least three but no more than five undergraduates. At least three undergraduate team members must be either IEEE SPS student members or SPS members by the time they submit the full 5-minute video before the deadline of 28 February 2020 (see below).

There will be three stages for the call:

1.) Submission of 30-Second Trailers:

Submission deadline: January 20, 2020.

Announcement of the best 10 teams: January 31, 2020.

Each submission should include a report, in the form of an IEEE conference paper, up to 2 pages, on the main idea / concept of the full video that will be submitted with the related written script. The selected best 10 teams will be identified and invited to send the final 5-minute video to participate in the final competition by February 28, 2020.

2.) Submission of the Full 5-Minute Video:

Submission deadline: March 1, 2020.

Announcement of the 3 best videos: March 16, 2020.

Three finalist teams will be selected by the judging panel and three student members per team will be invited to the ICASSP conference by offering travel grants in addition to complimentary conference registration*. The three finalist videos will be ranked by the organizing TC.

3.) Final Contest at ICASSP 2020 in Barcelona:

Conference dates: May 4-9, 2020

The three finalist teams’ 5-minute videos will be available on the ICASSP website at least one month before the conference and they will be voted by the conference participants until 2-days into the conference. The final ranking will be decided by the judging panel, also taking into account the popular vote. The winners and final team ranking will be announced during the conference. The finalist teams will also be invited to join the Conference Banquet, as well as the Student Career Luncheon, so that they can meet and talk to SPS leaders and global experts. Notification of Winner is announced during the ICASSP conference.

Registration is now OPEN! Team Registration & Video Upload


Grand Prize:  US$5,000

First Runner-Up Prize:  US$2,500

Second Runner-Up Prize:  US$1,500

Additional details are available on Piazza (access code: 5micc) .

* These complimentary conference registrations cannot be used to cover any papers accepted by the conference.

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