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IEEE Five-Minute Video Clip Contest (5-MICC)

The 5-MICC contest is open for submissions from IEEE SPS members, including undergraduate and graduate students of all majors, as well as researchers from all over the world.

Call for Proposals

The current Call for Proposals for the 5-MICC can be found on the SPS Call for Proposals page. Please note that your proposal must be endorsed by one of the TCs. For endorsement, you must submit your proposal for endorsement to the SPS Technical Committee (TC) that best fits your proposal by 3 January 2023 for the 5-MICC. You can find the Society’s TCs located on the Technical Committees page on the SPS website.

The submission deadline for TCs to submit endorsed proposals is 7 January 2023 for the 5-MICC.

Team Formation and Eligibility

Each team participating should be composed of one faculty member or someone with a PhD degree employed by the university (the Supervisor), at most one graduate student (the Tutor), and at least three, but no more than ten undergraduate students. At least three of the undergraduate team members must hold either regular or student memberships of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Undergraduate students who are in the first two years of their college studies, as well as high school students who are capable to contribute are welcome to participate in a team. A participant cannot be on more than one team.

Prize for Finalists

The three teams with highest performance in the open competition will be selected as finalists and invited to participate in the final competition at ICIP 2022. The champion team will receive a grand prize of $5,000. The first and the second runner-up will receive a prize of $2,500 and $1,500, respectively, in addition to travel grants and complimentary conference registrations.

  • Up to three student members from each finalist team will be provided travel support to attend the conference in-person. In-person attendance of the physical conference is required for reimbursement.
  • Complimentary conference registration for all team members.*
  • The finalist teams will also be invited to join the Conference Banquet and the SPS Student Job Fair, so that they can meet and talk to SPS leaders and global experts. Please note registration to the Conference Banquet and Student Job Fair is limited and based on availability.*

*These complimentary conference registrations cannot be used to cover any papers accepted by the conference. If you are a finalist team and wish to receive complimentary registration and/or conference banquet access, you must email Jaqueline Rash,, with this information once your team has been selected as a finalist.


5-MICC at ICIP 2022 - Secure Multimodal Behaviometrics

IEEE ICIP 2022 | October 16-19, 2022 | Details Document (coming soon)

Call for Videos

The 5-Minute Video Clip Contest, called the 5-MICC, is an annual competition at the IEEE ICASSP and ICIP conferences. The competition aims to encourage the signal processing community to explain concepts in an innovative way using a video. The winners will be selected based on the quality of their project, novelty, clarity of presentation, and creativity.

The topic chosen this year is multimodal biometrics and behavior analysis, also known as multimodal behavioral biometrics or behaviometrics. Facial biometrics have recently gained popularity thanks to the development of accurate recognition models and the introduction of powerful and compact cameras, such as those in smartphones. Facial motion, though less used, is known to contain behavior information related to age and identity, while speech is a widely used biometric. This competition aims to highlight the potential of image processing within a multimodal framework to design trustworthy, secured multimodal behaviometrics that can operate in everyday life.

The submitted videos can cover any theoretical and practical aspects of how image processing can be used to exploit the strong connection between facial dynamics (biometrics + behavior analysis) and speech to develop behaviometrics that are difficult to spoof and can be cancellable if compromised. The scope includes solutions for new multimodal behaviometrics, their applications, and multimodal behaviometrics authentication systems, for example, cancellable biometrics, de-identification techniques, deep-fake video detection, and presentation attack detection.

The contest is open for submissions from IEEE SPS members, including undergraduate and graduate students of all majors, as well as researchers from all over the world. Each team must be composed of:

  • One faculty member (the Supervisor)
  • At most one graduate student (the Tutor),
  • At least three but no more than five undergraduate students. At least three undergraduate team members must be either IEEE SPS student members or SPS members by the time they submit the full 5-minute video (see below).

There will be three stages for the call

1. Submission of 30-Second Trailers:

Submission deadline: August 12, 2022
Announcement of the best 10 teams: August 19, 2022
Each submission should include a report, in the form of an IEEE conference paper, up to 2 pages, on the main idea/concept of the full video that will be submitted with the related written script. The selected best 10 teams will be identified and invited to send the final 5-minute video to participate in the final competition.

2. Submission of the Full 5-Minute Video:
Submission deadline: September 13, 2022
Announcement of the 3 best videos: September 27, 2022
Three finalist teams will be selected by the organizing TC.

3. Final Contest at ICIP 2022 in Bordeaux, France
Conference dates: October 16-19, 2022
Voting until October 17th, 2022. The final ranking will be decided by the judging panel, also taking into account the popular vote. The winners and final team ranking will be announced during the conference.


>> Registration link for 5-MICC Contest 2022


Grand Prize: US$5,000
First Runner-Up Prize: US$2,500
Second Runner-Up Prize: US$1,500


Victor Sanchez, University of Warwick, UK
Tanaya Guha, University of Glasgow, UK

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