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Computational Imaging

Technical Committee


NOTE: The Technical Committee's EDICS list is derived from the Society's Unified EDICS list. You can view the Society's complete Unified EDICS ist and EDICS list approval process on the Unified EDICS page.

EDICS Notations:
1. Bolded text represents the EDICS major topic category
2. Blue shaded rows represent EDICS that can be selected as paper's topic.
3. Non-shaded rows represent sub-topic EDICSs for those above them.


[IMT] Computational Imaging Methods and Models
  • [IMT-CIS] Coded Image Sensing
  • [IMT-CST] Compressed Sensing
  • [IMT-SIM] Statistical Image Models
  • [IMT-SLM] Sparse and Low Rank Models
  • [IMT-GIM] Graphical Image Models
  • [IMT-LBM] Learning-Based Models
  • [IMT-PIM] Perceptual Image Models
[CIF] Computational Image Formation
  • [CIF-SBR] Sparsity-Based Reconstruction
  • [CIF-SBI] Statistically-Based Inversion
  • [CIF-MIF] Multi-Image & Sensor Fusion
  • [CIF-OBI] Optimization-based Inversion Methods
  • [CIF-MLI] Machine Learning based Computational Image Formation
[CIS] Computational Imaging Systems
  • [CIS-CPH] Computational Photography
  • [CIS-MIS] Mobile Imaging
  • [CIS-PIS] Pervasive Imaging
  • [CIS-HCC] Human Centric Computing
  • [CIS-CMI] Microscopic Imaging
  • [CIS-SSI] Spectral Sensing
  • [CIS-TIM] Tomographic Imaging
  • [CIS-MRI] Magnetic resonance imaging
  • [CIS-AIM] Acoustic Imaging: Computational acoustic and ultrasound imaging
  • [CIS-RIM] Radar Imaging
  • [CIS-NCI] Novel Computational Imaging Systems
  • [CIS-NLC] Non-Linear Computational Imaging Systems
[HSS] Computational Imaging Hardware and Software
  • [HSS-HPC] High-performance embedded computing systems
  • [HSS-BDC] Big Data Computational Imaging: High performance computing
  • [HSS-HDD] Integrated Hardware/Digital Design
  • [HSS-NSS] Non-traditional Sensor Systems

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