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Multimedia Signal Processing

Technical Committee


Awards Subcommittee

Chair:  André Kaup
Members: Marc Antonini, Yuming Fang, Jian Zhang

  • Issue open call for SPS awards nominations.
  • Manage awards voting among TC members and identify endorsed nominations.
  • Submit endorsed nominations to the SPS Awards Board.

Nominations and Elections Subcommittee

Chair: Giuseppe Valenzise
Members:  Patrick Le Callet, Jiwen Lu

Conferences & Workshop Conference Subcommittee

Chair: Yonggang Wen

Members: Ali C. Begen, Wen-Huang Cheng

  • Prepare and disseminate open call for future MMSP workshops.
  • Discuss support and involvement of TC in related workshops and conferences, such as ICME.
  • Evaluate and make recommendation to the TC on events seeking technical co-sponsorship.

Technical Directions Subcommittee

Chair: Federica Battisti
Members: Dong Tian, Atanas Gotchev

  • Manage and maintain the EDICS for the TC and ensure it is being used consistently in all TC related conferences and workshops.
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief's of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and the various SP Society Transactions to ensure that MMSP areas are accurately represented in the EDICS of these Transactions.

Industry/Government Subcommittee

Chair: Balu Adsumilli
Members: Guo-Jun Qi, Jong-Seok Lee

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for greater interaction with Industry and Government.

Webmaster Subcommittee

Chair: Mai Xu
Members: Sanghoon Lee, Azeddine Beghdadi

  • Maintain the TC web site together with SPS staff.
  • Maintain list for communicating with Associate and Affiliate Members.

Newsletter Subcommittee

Chair: Wanqing Li
Members: Nikolaos Boulgouris, John See , Marco Carli

  • Solicit material and edit the MMSP newsletter.

Student Subcommittee

Chair: Joao Ascenso
Members:  Chaker Larabi, Weiyao Lin

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for greater interaction and involvement of students with the TC activities and events.

Education Subcommittee

Chair: Chia-Wen Lin
Members: Nikolaos Thomos, Francesca De Simone

  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for providing educations opportunities for the MMSP research community.


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