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Join a Technical Committee/Special Interest Group

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Technical Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIG) provide unique ways for Signal Processing Society members to involve themselves in specialized areas of interest in signal processing and address emerging technical areas.  Industry professionals, academic researchers and student members all have the opportunity to contribute, learn from fellow engineers in the field and advance the study and impact of signal processing.

Technical Committees were created to support signal processing-related activities within specific technical areas. Involvement in a Technical Committee allows industry professionals and academics alike to network and participate in creating community ties based on a common area of interest within signal processing. As a member of a Technical Committee, you’ll have the opportunity for involvement in awards, conferences, publications and educational activities. 

Members of Technical Committees must have strong ties to a technical area and must be nominated. To make a nomination for a committee, please visit the individual Technical Committee page and submit the nomination form to the committee’s Nominations and Elections Subcommittee Chair. Here, you can also find general information on all Technical Committees.  

Unlike Technical Committees, which are longstanding groups, Special Interest Groups are created to address technical areas that quickly emerge and typically have a lifespan of up to three years. Similarly to Technical Committees, SIGs provide opportunities for industry professionals, academics and students alike to network and participate in the study and advancement of quickly emerging areas of signal processing.

To create a Special Interest Group, or for more information on current Special Interest Groups, please visit our Special Interest Groups (SIG) page.

Technical Committee Affiliate Membership

Technical Committee Affiliate Members are non-elected, non-voting members of a particular Technical Committee. Technical Committee Affiliate membership is open to:

  • IEEE student members interested in the scope of a given Technical Committee;
  • IEEE SPS members (any grade) interested in the scope of a given Technical Committee; or
  • Members of some professional organizations in interdisciplinary fields within the Society’s Technical Committee’s scope, such as language processing or biological sciences and are not IEEE members.

Technical Committee Affiliate Members will receive calls for Member and Vice Chair nominations, as well as any eNewsletter the Technical Committee may have. Technical Committee Affiliate Members also have the opportunity to act as a reviewer for one of the Society’s conferences or be appointed to one of the Technical Committee’s subcommittees. They may also have the opportunity to attend open Technical Committee meetings held at one of the Technical Committee's workshops.

Becoming a Technical Committee Affiliate Member is easy. Simply fill out the Affiliate Membership Form and request Membership in a particular Technical Committee.

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