Image, Video and Multidimensional Signal Processing

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R&D Engineer/Scientist

NCS Research & Development (Full time or Internship)         

Radar - Communication

The Lab focuses on sampling, modeling and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and on new design paradigms in which sampling and processing are designed jointly in order to exploit signal properties already in the sampling stage. This approach has the potential to drastically reduce the sampling and processing rates well below the Nyquist rate, typically considered as the ultimate limit for analog to digital conversion.

Project Developer in Colour and Visual Computing

The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory is an internationally leading research group in the field of colour, image and video processing. The group has today 8 permanent staff members (4 professors, 3 associate professors, and 1 project manager), 6 post-doctoral researchers, 12 PhD students, and several other researchers, visiting researchers, etc. The group is coordinating and participating in a large number of research projects nationally and internationally.

Point Cloud Compression Intern

The internship program at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) gives students excellent opportunities to work in an industrial research lab environment side-by-side with world-class researchers. This program emphasizes close collaboration with a particular researcher or members of a small team. MERL considers graduate students from all over the world. As many of our projects benefit from specialized knowledge in a given field, graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. typically fill the majority of internship openings.

Integrated Circuit Digital Design Engineer

EM Microelectronics is looking for an Integrated Circuit Digital Design Engineer to participate as a key member of a small design team developing innovative mixed-signal integrated circuits for use in a variety of low power applications.

Working for a leading Swiss Silicon Valley pioneer, the Integrated Circuit Digital Design Engineer will be involved in world class designs that play a role in millions of products used by people every day. This IC engineer will have great satisfaction seeing their designs sold in stores all around the globe. This IC Engineer will be part of team that has designed the world’s smallest Bluetooth chip (Press Releaseand hold many other records in electronic design and engineering.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Position – 3D Computer Graphics

PhD Scholarship

Workplan: Lightfields and Holography Representation.  The EmergIMG project results from a Portuguese consortium that targets to design a common framework for the representation and quality assessment of emerging imaging modalities, including lightfields and holographic imaging. This consortium aims to boost an international impact in terms of research and standardization. This research grant is part of task one of this project. The main goal of this grant is to propose a representation framework for the two imaging modalities (lightfields and holographic).

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

The Machine Learning and Sensing Laboratory at the University of Florida has an opening for a post-doctoral research associate to develop computer vision and machine learning algorithms for a novel back-scatter x-ray system. The position will be a part of the University of Florida’s “Rays for Roots” project funded by ARPA-E ROOTS program.

PhD Position in Multimedia Signal Processing

Location: Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal


Postdoctoral position on structure-preserving graph signal processing 


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