Update and Planning from the Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee

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Update and Planning from the Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee

Contributed by Fa-Long Luo (Chaiman of the IDSP-SC and Liaison to eNews)

Fa-Long LuoLike other Technical Committees of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), the Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee (IDSP-SC) has the following major functions and activities from an administrative point of view: (i) the organization of the Industry Technology Track (ITT) for each year’s ICASSP and participation in the newly launched conference series IEEE-ESPA (emerging signal processing applications), (ii) nomination of papers for all the IEEE SPS paper awards, (iii) nomination of individuals for IEEE SPS major awards and IEEE fellow, (iv) organization of special issues for SPS publications and special sessions for SPS flagship conferences. On the other hand, due to the fact that most members of IDSP-SC are selected from outstanding individuals in industry, its mission is mainly to promote emerging signal processing applications and industry technology and also to promote industry participation in the SPS and IEEE. To accomplish its mission, IDSP-SC has recently been forming and re-organizing the following subcommittees.

  1. Demos & Exhibits Subcommittee will be devoted to the Show and Tell Track in ICASSP and the related sessions in IEEE-ESPA by participating in event publicity, industry liaison, proposal reviewing and recommendation.
  2. Standardization Subcommittee will serve as representatives in signal processing related international standard organizations and regulation bodies through various standardization activities such as proposal reviewing, standard drafting and recommendation.
  3. Industry Alliance Subcommittee will focus on collaboration with related big industry alliances and technically sponsor their activities. To help promote new consumer and military products enabled by signal processing technology is another focus of this subcommittee.
  4. Continuous Education Subcommittee will offer activities, resources and services intended to promote the continuing education of the industrial sector of the SPS membership base in coordination with the Signal Processing Education Standing Committee of SPS.
  5. Engineering Certification Subcommittee will provide sponsorship, training and advisory services for signal processing related professional certification programs for both employers and individual engineers.
  6. Patents and IP Subcommittee aims at promoting newly issued, outstanding signal processing patents and aims at providing reviewing and advisory services on signal processing related IP issues for industry, academic and government agencies.

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved with or contributing to the above activities, please contact Fa-Long Luo, the current chairman of the IDSP-SC.

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