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Assistant Professor in Signal Processing

The Faculty of Science and Technology conducts world-leading research in mathematics, computer sciences, physics, engineering sciences, chemistry, biology and earth sciences. The faculty is now seeking future research leaders and teachers at high international level. In a unique effort, ten tenure track positions as associate senior lecturer without specified direction are made open.

Description of Subject Area: Any subject area within mathematics, computer sciences, physics, engineering sciences, chemistry, biology and earth sciences.

Duties: The position includes teaching, research and administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility, course administration and supervision of second- and third-cycle students.The holder shall also keep abreast of developments within the subject area and the developments in wider community that are significant for the work at the university. A position as associate senior lecturer is intended to qualify the holder for a teaching position with higher qualification requirements.

Appointment Period: The position can be held for a maximum of four years. An associate senior lecturer can apply for promotion to senior lecturer. If the associate senior lecturer is deemed suitable and fulfills the criteria for promotion established by the Faculty Board he/she shall be promoted to and employed as senior lecturer.

Qualifications Required: According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance those qualified for appointment as associate senior lecturer are persons who have obtained a doctoral degree or achieved the equivalent competence no more than seven years prior to the end of the application period.

For more information and application details, see the link.


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