169 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member

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169 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member

The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is honored to announce the elevation of 169 of its members to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. These members have demonstrated outstanding professional performance, exhibited professional maturity through long-term experience, and established themselves as leaders in their respective IEEE-designated fields of interest. Senior Member is the only membership grade that is eligible to be nominated for IEEE Fellow. The new Senior Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are:

Dr. Masanobu Abe

Dr. Purang Abolmaesumi

Dr. Driss Aboutajdine

Dr. Nurul Ahmad

Dr. George Alexandropoulos

Dr. Jaime Almodovar

Dr. Mohamad Ali Assaad

Dr. Alexander Awuviri

Dr. Robert Barsanti

Dr. Patrick Bas

Dr. Mohammed Benaissa

Dr. Francesco Benedetto

Dr. Manav Bhatnagar

Dr. Chinmoy Bhattacharya

Dr. Igor Bisio

Dr. Jacques Blanc-Talon

Dr. Andrew Bolstad

Dr. Larbi Boubchir

Dr. Jean-Marc Boucher

Dr. Joon-Hyuk Chang

Dr. Kunal Chaudhury

Dr. Ricardo Chaves

Dr. Seow Chee Kiat

Dr. Chiao-En Chen

Dr. Kuan-Ta Chen

Dr. Xinjian Chen

Dr. Amina Chentir

Dr. Ching Te Chiu

Dr. Darryl Collins

Dr. Pedro Comesana-Alfaro

Dr. William Correll Jr.

Dr. Timothy Davidson

Dr. Luis De Oliveira

Dr. John Donohue

Dr. Leonardo Duarte

Dr. Damien Dusha

Dr. Alessandro J. Dutra

Dr. Alireza Entezari

Dr. Alper Erdogan

Dr. Franck eLuthon

Dr. Tomas McKelvey

Dr. Petri Mahonen

Dr. Man Mak

Dr. Dmitry Malioutov

Dr. Richard Martin

Dr. Brian Mazzeo

Dr. John Mcroberts

Dr. Vinay Melkote

Dr. Robert Miklosovic

Dr. Benjamin Miller

Dr. Michael Mina

Dr. Seiji Miyoshi

Dr. Mehdi Moradi

Dr. Anirban Mukherjee

Dr. Koji Murai

Dr. Hema Murthy

Dr. Peter Nagy

Dr. Ganesh Naik

Dr. Kameswara Rao Namuduri

Dr. Syed Naqvi

Dr. Yousef Nijim

Dr. Brett Ninness

Dr. James Norris

Dr. Laszlo Nyul

Dr. Morrison Obeng

Dr. Zhijian Ou

Dr. Jingning Pan

Dr. Dimitrios Pados

Dr. Ashutosh Pandey

Dr. Georgios Papandreou

Dr. Sungkwon Park

Dr. Alberto Perotti

Dr. Olivier Pietquin

Dr. William Puech

Dr. Khandker Quader

Dr. Barry Quinn

Dr. Ratnam V. RajaKumar

Dr. Bhuvana Ramabhadran

Dr. Qolamreza Razlighi

Dr. Yuriy Reznik

Dr. Fred Richardson

Dr. Anderson Rocha

Dr. Manuel Rosa-Zurera

Dr. Arun Ross

Dr. Leszek Szczecinski

Dr. Ramy Fathy

Dr. Inbar Fijalkow

Dr. Jessica Fridrich

Dr. Tomas Gansler

Dr. Timo Gerkmann

Dr. Prasanta Ghosh

Dr. Daniele Giacobello

Dr. Dadang Gunawan

Dr. Narayana H V S Bandhakavi

Dr. Walaa Hamouda

Dr. Ryan Hersey

Dr. Steven Chu-Hong Hoi

Dr. Jaakko Hollmen

Dr. Dong-Yan Huang

Dr. Du Huynh

Dr. Giancarlo Iannizzotto

Dr. Takao Inoue

Dr. Julie Jackson

Dr. Kalyani Joshi

Dr. Claudio Jung

Dr. Zoltan Kato

Dr. Jussi Kahtava

Dr. H. Kalva

Dr. Rajiv Kapadia

Dr. Gunes Karabulut

Dr. Aleksandar Kavcic

Dr. Byung-Gyu Kim

Dr. Moo Young Kim

Dr. Raja Rajeswari Konduri

Dr. Lingjiang Kong

Dr. Gerald Konstanzer

Dr. Heung-No Lee

Dr. Kyogu Lee

Dr. Xinrong Li

Dr. Jian-Ao Lian

Dr. Dong Liang

Dr. Joseph Liberti

Dr. Guo-Shiang Lin

Dr. Qingwen Liu

Dr. Ahmed Sadek

Dr. Salina Samad

Dr. Arash Samani

Dr. Dinesh Sathyamoorthy

Dr. Bjoern Schuller

Dr. Michael Sebek

Dr. Karim Seddik

Dr. Shiguang Shan

Dr. Robert Sims

Dr. Ozgur Sinanoglu

Dr. Satish Singh

Dr. Wei Song

Dr. Flippo Stanco

Dr. S. Sudharsanan

Dr. Laszlo Sujbert

Dr. Himal Suraweera

Dr. Piotr Szczepaniak

Dr. Kien Truong

Dr. Aliakbar Tadaion Taft

Dr. Ali Tajer

Dr. Antti Tolli

Dr. George Tziritas

Dr. Sennur Ulukus

Dr. Kush Varshney

Dr. Haris Vikalo

Dr. Tuomas Virtanen

Dr. Kathleen Wage

Dr. Chen Wang

Dr. Stephen Weddell

Dr. Stefan Werner

Dr. Hao-tian Wu

Dr. Ji Wu

Dr. Jun Wu

Dr. Jia Xu

Dr. Wei Xu

Dr. Xiaopeng Yang

Dr. Qixiang Ye

Dr. Chuohao Yeo

Dr. Nasharuddin Zainal

Dr. Yi-Chong Zeng

Dr. Rui Zhang

Dr. Tao Zhang

Dr. Zhilin Zhang

Dr. Bowen Zhou

Dr. Wangmeng Zuo


View the complete list of SPS Senior Members.

IEEE Senior Members receive an array of benefits, including, but not limited to, professional recognition and notoriety, a plaque, coupons for IEEE membership, eligibility to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions, and the ability to serve as a reference for other Senior Member applicants.

For more information on IEEE membership grades and elevation, please visit the IEEE Member Grade Elevation Web page.


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