Announcing Newest Publication: T-SIPN

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Announcing Newest Publication: T-SIPN

New Publication:

Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks (T-SIPN)

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We are accepting paper submissions: please submit a manuscript here | View TSIPN Flyer

There has been an explosion of research in network systems of various types, including physical, engineered, biological and social systems. Its aim is to find answers to fundamental questions about the systems and with them be able to understand, predict, and control them better. To that end, a core area of work is signal and information processing over networks.

Network systems represent a growing research field encompassing numerous disciplines in science and engineering. Their complexity is reflected in the diversity and the interconnectivity of their elements, which have the capacity to adapt and learn from experience. Applications of network systems are wide and include communications (wireless sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks, pervasive mobile networks, the Internet of Things), the electric power grid, biology, the Internet, the stock market, ecology, and in animal and human societies.

The Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks (T-SIPN) publishes timely peer-reviewed technical articles on advances in the theory, methods, and algorithms for signal and information processing, inference, and learning in network systems. The following core topics define the scope of the Transaction:

Adaptation, Detection, Estimation, and Learning (ADEL)

  • Distributed detection and estimation (ADEL-DDE)
  • Distributed adaptation over networks (ADEL-DAN)
  • Distributed learning over networks (ADEL-DLN)
  • Distributed target tracking (ADEL-DTT)
  • Bayesian learning; Bayesian signal processing (ADEL-BLSP)
  • Sequential learning over networks (ADEL-SLN)
  • Decision making over networks (ADEL-DMN)
  • Distributed dictionary learning (ADEL-DDL)
  • Distributed game theoretic strategies (ADEL-DGTS)
  • Distributed information processing (ADEL-DIP)
  • Graphical and kernel methods (ADEL-GKM)
  • Consensus over network systems (ADEL-CNS)
  • Optimization over network systems (ADEL-ONS)

Communications, Networking, and Sensing (CNS)

  • Distributed monitoring and sensing (CNS-DMS)
  • Signal processing for distributed communications and networking (CNS-SPDCN)
  • Signal processing for cooperative networking (CNS-SPCN)
  • Signal processing for network security (CNS-SPNS)
  • Optimal network signal processing and resource allocation (CNS-NSPRA)

Modeling and Analysis (MA)

  • Performance and bounds of methods (MA-PBM)
  • Robustness and vulnerability (MA-RV)
  • Network modeling and identification (MA-NMI)
  • Simulations of networked information processing systems (MA-SNIPS)
  • Social learning (MA-SL)
  • Bio-inspired network signal processing (MA-BNSP)
  • Epidemics and diffusion in populations (MA-EDP)

Imaging and Media Applications (IMA)

  • Image and video processing over networks (IMA-IVPN)
  • Media cloud computing and communication (IMA-MCCC)
  • Multimedia streaming and transport (IMA-MST)
  • Social media computing and networking (IMA-SMCN)
  • Signal processing for cyber-physical systems (IMA-SPCPS)
  • Wireless/mobile multimedia (IMA-WMM)

Data Analysis (DA)

  • Processing, analysis, and visualization of big data (DA-BD)
  • Signal and information processing for crowd computing (DA-CC)
  • Signal and information processing for the Internet of Things (DA-IOT)
  • Emergence of behavior (DA-EB)

Emerging topics and applications (ETA)

  • Emerging topics (ETA-ET)
  • Applications in life sciences, ecology, energy, social networks, economic networks, finance, social sciences etc. smart grids, wireless health, robotics, transportation, and other areas of science and engineering (ETA-APP)

>>We are accepting submissions: please submit a manuscript here <<

T-SIPN is co-sponsored by the Signal Processing, Communications and Computer societies.


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