Call for Papers: Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue - 75th Anniversary of Signal Processing Society

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Call for Papers: Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue - 75th Anniversary of Signal Processing Society

Dr. Behnaz Ghoraani

For our 50th anniversary in 1998, the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) worked with the IEEE History Center to prepare a monograph outlining the history of the Society. In 2023, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the IEEE Signal Processing Society! On this occasion, a 75th Anniversary Special Issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (SPM) will be published in June 2023 that will focus on the previous 25 years, while considering the perspectives in SPS and, more generally, in the domain of signal and image processing (SIP).

Tracing back the path over the previous 25 years, many topics in SIP witnessed considerable progress. Consequently, results of researches in that field are now included in many of our daily devices, computers, pads, smartphones, connected devices, even if SIP is still hidden and the words unknown to the general public. This ubiquitous advances are especially outstanding in computer vision, brain imaging, biomedical imaging, satellite imaging, speech language and music processing, wireless communications, radar, graph signal processing, compressive sensing, machine learning, to name a few.

This SPM special issue invites tutorial articles capturing the evolution of successful concepts in SIP since 1998, and presenting their perspectives. We encourage various kinds of papers:

  • Short feature papers, focused on one topics and presenting its evolution in the corresponding period, with its scientific challenges, key milestones and how it has been attained, its impacts in SPS, and its current perspectives; 
  • Commented reprints: this kind of paper is intended to be based on the reprint of a successful SPM paper published around 25 years ago, i.e., in the 1990s, augmented with extended comments (which are the original part, limited to 20 double-spaced page) about the evolution of the concepts described in that pioneering piece of work, its current place, and its perspectives in SPS and in our world;
  • Papers (similar to SPM Columns papers) presenting 1) the technological limitations and progresses, especially in computer, memory, sensors during the corresponding period, 2) the education in SIP, 3) other topics of interest.

White papers are required, and full articles will be invited based on the review of white papers.

The white paper format is up to five pages in length, including the proposed article title, motivation, and significance of the topic, an outline of the proposed paper, and representative references. An author list with contact information and short bios should also be included. Submitted articles must be of tutorial/overview/ survey nature, in an accessible style to a broad audience, and have a significant relevance to the scope of the Special Issue.

Submissions should not have been published or be under review elsewhere, and should be made online at

For submission guidelines, see the SPM Information for Authors. For this special issue, note that the size of all full submitted papers will be limited to 20 double-spaced pages, 11pt, with up to 10 figures and 30 to 40 selected references.

Important Dates

White papers due: 6 July 2022
Invitation notification: 27 July 2022
Full manuscripts due: 21 September 2022
First review to authors: 2 November 2022
Revision due: 4 January 2023
Second review completed: 15 February, 2023
Final manuscript due: 1 March 2023

Guest Editors

SPM Editor-in-Chief and Area Editors: Visit the SPM Editorial Board webpage. .



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