PhD students and Postdocs

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PhD students and Postdocs

Weizmann Institute of Science
Country of Position: 
Contact Name: 
Yonina Eldar
Subject Area: 
Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Start Date: 
May 20, 2020
Expiration Date: 
December 31, 2020
Position Description: 

PhD students and Postdocs in the areas of signal processing, machine learning, medical imaging, communications and radar processing:

Host Professor: Yonina Eldar, department of mathematics and computer science, Weizmann Institute

Position Description: The Signal Acquisition Measurement Processing and Learning (SAMPL) Lab invites applications for doctoral/postdoctoral positions in the areas of signal processing and machine learning with applications in communications, radar, medical imaging and optical imaging. In the area of medical imaging, the work will be performed in close collaboration with leading hospitals in Israel and abroad. Some of the topics will be in close collaboration with PIs at MIT, Stanford, Princeton and the Broad Institute.
We are looking for thought leaders in these fields who can develop new areas and applications. The balance of work between theory and practice will vary on project-basis, and a successful candidate should be proficient in both aspects. Excellent written and presentation skills in English are an advantage.

About SAMPL:  The lab focuses on sampling, modeling and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals with the aim of extracting as much information as possible using minimal resources to perform various tasks, including communication, radar, medical and optical imaging and biological inference. The lab also develops model-based methods for artificial intelligence (AI) that aid in obtaining increased information from fewer samples, and facilitates the transition from pure theoretical research to the development, design and implementation of prototype systems and clinical studies. Our approach can drastically reduce the sampling and processing rates well below the Nyquist rate, and greatly improve the resolution which can be obtained from a limited number of samples in time, space and frequency. It also paves the way to new technologies such as wireless ultrasound and joint radar and communication systems. The group works closely with several major hospitals in Israel and with research groups at MIT, Stanford, Duke, Princeton and more.

For more details please visit Prof. Eldar’s website:

To submit your application, please send an updated CV with 3 letters of recommendation and a cover letter to

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