Senior Editorial Board

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing

Senior Editorial Board

Min WuEditor-in-Chief:
Shrikanth (Shri) S. Narayanan
University of Southern California, USA
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Term Ends: 31 December 2018




Senior Editors

Name Affiliation
Bishnu Atal University of Washington, USA
Charlie Bouman Purdue University, USA
Al Bovik University of Texas, USA
Rama Chellappa University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy
Paulo Diniz Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Yonina Eldar Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Georgios Giannakis University of Minnesota, USA
Maria Sabrina Greco University of Pisa, Italy
Al Hero University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
C. -C. Jay Kuo University of Southern California, USA
Helen Meng Chinese University, Hong Kong, China
Mari Ostendorf University of Washington, USA
Vincent Poor Princeton University, USA
Bhaskar Rao University of California, San Diego, USA

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