2017 Member-at-Large and Regional Director-at-Large Election Results

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2017 Member-at-Large and Regional Director-at-Large Election Results

Three new members-at-large will take their seats on the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Board of Governors (BoG) beginning 1 January 2018 and will serve until 31 December 2020. Nine candidates competed for the three member-at-large positions. The successful candidates represent a broad spectrum of the SPS. The successful candidates are: Shoji Makino, Athina P. Petropulu, Paris Smaragdis.

Completing their terms as membersat-large on 31 December 2017 are Maria Sabrina Greco, University of Pisa; Steve Young, University of Cambridge; and Abdelhak Zoubir, Darmstadt University of Technology.

The BoG, the governing body that oversees the activities of the SPS, is responsible for establishing and implementing policy and receiving reports from its standing boards and committees. Members-at-large represent the member viewpoint in the Board decision making. They typically review, discuss, and act upon a wide range of items affecting the actions, activities, and health of the Society. More information can be found at http://www.signal processingsociety.org/.

Two new regional directors-at-large will take their seats on the SPS BoG and Membership Board beginning 1 January 2018 and will serve until 31 December 2019. Regional directors-at-large promote and foster local activities (such as conferences, meetings, and social networking) and encourage new Chapter development; represent their Regions to the core of the SPS; offer advice to improve membership relations, recruiting, and service to their Re - gions; guide and work with their corresponding Chapters to serve their members; and assist the vice president, Membership in conducting Chapter reviews. The new regional directors-at-large are: Eduardo A.B. Da Silva, K.V.S. Hari.

Completing their terms as regional directors-at-large on 31 December 2017 are Paulo S.R. Diniz, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro–COPPE for Regions 7 and 9 and Hitoshi Kiya, Tokyo Metropolitan University for Region 10.


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