IFS TC Webinar 2022

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IFS TC Webinar 2022

In this talk, we will discuss a panoramic view of digital forensics in the last 10 years and how it needed to evolve from basic computer vision and simple natural language processing techniques to powerful AI-driven methods to deal with the signs of the new age. 

Multimedia contents are deeply intertwined with our lives, and, as a consequence, they've become an invaluable asset also for investigative and evidentiary use. However, there are still numerous open challenges for law enforcement agencies when it comes to acquire, authenticate, enhance, and analyze images and videos for forensic use. 

Privacy issues and communication costs are both major concerns in distributed optimization in networks. There is often a tradeoff between them because encryption methods used for privacy-preservation often introduce significant communication overhead.

Practically anyone can now generate a realistic-looking deepfake video. Many methods to detect deepfakes were recently proposed by the research community. However, it is still unclear how realistic deepfake videos are for an average person and whether the algorithms are significantly better than humans at detecting them.


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