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Event Website Hosting at IEEE

The IEEE Signal Processing Society offers website hosting option on WP Engine. The WordPress website hosting on WP Engine can provide conferences, workshops and other events, the option to host, create and maintain their website using WP Engine as the hosting provider and WordPress as the content management system. SPS can set up the hosting and website using a modern, standard template, equipped with IEEE and SPS logos, and hand it off to event managers to update and maintain it according to their preference.

Advantages to Hosting with IEEE SPS

  1. Eliminates the need to register and purchase a domain name, hosting facility, theme/template, plugins and maintenance.
  2. The event website URL can have a uniform structure each year, with the event acronym included as part of the URL. 
  3. It is a Search Engine Optimization advantage of retrieving the events in search engines with such uniform URLs.
  4. WP Engine and server updates made at IEEE SPS.
  5. At the time of website delivery, begin adding content, editing and maintaining at your convenience.
  6. Once the event has ended, the website is not taken down.
  7. Eliminates the need for the event website to be archived by SPS since it is hosted at IEEE SPS.
  8. Eliminates the need for event managers to submit website files for archiving (setting up) and loss of  design and functionality during archiving process.
  9. Registration and hosting of event website is free of cost is complimentary, and  free of cost.

  1. Interested event managers contacts SPS Conferences staff indicating their preference to host the conference or workshop website on WordPress Engine and WordPress content management system at IEEE by filling out a short form.
  2. The form requests information such as the conference name, acronym, name and email of tech savvy WordPress site administrators and editors. Form submission information is sent to SPS Conferences.
  3. SPS Conferences will begin the process of event website hosting, creation and setup. Please allow 4 weeks for processing.
  4. Domain Name: A standard uniform domain name will be registered and created, which includes the event acronym.

  1. Register a “.org” event website domain name, which includes event acronym, and configure domain on WP Engine.
  2. WordPress set-up and basic configuration., including theme installation and initial admin account setup for website manager(s).
  3. Install theme, standard plugins, and initial admin accounts setup for website manager(s).
  4. Once completed, the website and its details is handed over to event website manager/event contact person(s).

  1. Designated website managers adds content, images, links, data and any information necessary for their event website.
  2. Website managers continues to update and maintain the website with current up-to-date content through to event date and thereafter.
  3. Should additional administrators or editors are needed, contact SPS Conferences team with the name and email addresses. Please be cautious of allowing access to too many people per site for safety and security of the site.
  4. SPS is available for technical assistance where needed.


This service offering provided by IEEE SPS incurs the following time estimates (subject to change):

Routine Cost per Website:

  • Domain name registration for conference/workshop website: Free
  • Hosting website on WP Engine and WordPress with IEEE SPS & IT: Free
  • WordPress website standard theme and plugins: Free
  • Time Expenditure per Website:
  • Initial Setup Staff Time per website: 4 weeks
  • Additional customization/Developer time per website: Estimate per task as needed


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