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Bio Imaging and Signal Processing


The scope of the BISP TC includes the following EDICS:

IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging

IMT Computational Imaging Methods and Models
IMT-CIS Coded Image Sensing
IMT-CST Compressed Sensing
IMT-SIM Statistical Image Models
IMT-SLM Sparse and Low Rank Models
IMT-GIM Graphical Image Models
IMT-LBM Learning-Based Models
CIF Computational Image Formation
CIF-SBR Sparsity-Based Reconstruction
CIF-SBI Statistically-Based Inversion
CIF-OBI Optimization-Based Inversion Methods
CIS Computational Imaging Systems
CIS-CMI Computational Microscopy
CIS-TIM Tomographic Imaging
CIS-MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CIS-AIM Acoustic Imaging
HSS Computational Imaging Hardware and Software
HSS-HPC High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems
HSS-BDC Big Data Computational Imaging

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

SMR Image & Video Sensing, Modeling, and Representation
SMR-SMD Statistical-Model Based Methods
SMR-STM Structural-Model Based Methods
SMR-REP Image & Video Representation
TEC Image & Video Processing Techniques
TEC-PRC Linear and Nonlinear Filtering of Images & Video
TEC-PDE PDE-Based Processing of Images & Video
TEC-MRS Multiresolution Processing of Images & Video
TEC-RST Restoration and Enhancement
TEC-ISR Interpolation, Super-Resolution, and Mosaicing
TEC-FOR Formation and Reconstruction
TEC-BIP Biomedical and Biological Image Processing
COM Image & Video Communications
COM-LOC Lossy Coding of Images & Video
COM-LLC Lossless Coding of Images & Video
COI Computational Imaging
COI-AUI Acoustic and Ultrasound Imaging
COI-MCI Microscopic Imaging
COI-TOM Tomographic Imaging
COI-MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
ARS Image & Video Analysis, Synthesis, and Retrieval
ARS-RBS Region, Boundary, and Shape Analysis
ARS-IVA Image & Video Mid Level Analysis
ARS-IIU Image & Video Interpretation and Understanding
ARS-SRE Image & Video Storage and Retrieval

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

BIO Biomedical Signal Processing
BIO-APPL Applications of Biomedical Signal Processing
BIO-BCI Brain/Human-Computer Interfaces
BIO-BIOM Biological Modeling
BIO-GENO Genomics/Proteomics Signal Processing
BIO-INFR Bioinformatics
BIO-LSCI Life Sciences Signal Processing
BIO-MAID Signal Processing Methods for Medical Aids
BIO-MDIG Medical Diagnostic Methods
BIO-SENS Sensor Arrays for Medical Signal and Image Processing
BIO-SPMB Spectral Methods for Biosignals
MDS Multidimensional Signal Processing
MDS-ALGO Algorithms and Transforms
MDS-APPL Applications of Multidimensional Signal Processing
MDS-FILT Filtering
MDS-SMOD Signal and System Modeling & Identification
MDS-SPEC Spectral Estimation
MLR Machine Learning
MLR-APPL Applications of Machine Learning
MLR-BAYL Bayesian Learning and Signal Processing
MLR-COGP Cognitive Information Processing
MLR-DEEP Deep Learning Techniques
MLR-DICT Dictionary Learning
MLR-GRKN Graphical and Kernel Methods
MLR-ICAN Independent Component Analysis
MLR-INFO Information-Theoretic Learning
MLR-LEAR Learning Theory and Algorithms
MLR-PATT Pattern Recognition and Classification
MLR-PERF Bounds on Performance
MLR-SBML Subspace and Manifold Learning
MLR-SLER Sequential Learning
MLR-SSEP Source Separation
MLR-SYSB Applications in Systems Biology
NEG Signal Processing for Networks and Graphs
NEG-GRAN Graph Analysis for Signal Processing
NEG-LRNM Learning Models and Methods
NEG-SPGR Signal Processing Over Graphs
NEG-SPGT Spectral Graph Theory and Algebraic Topology Algorithms
NEG-SPRS Sparse Methods for Networks and Graphs
OPT Optimization Methods for Signal Processing
OPT-CVXR Convex Optimization and Relaxation
OPT-INTP Integer Programming Techniques
OPT-NCVX Non-Convex Methods
OPT-SOPT Sparse Optimization Techniques
OTH Other Areas and Applications
OTH-EMRG Emerging Techniques
OTH-NSP Nonlinear Signal Processing
SSP Statistical Signal Processing
SSP-APPL Applications of Statistical Signal Processing
SSP-CLAS Classification Methods
SSP-DDSP Data Driven Methods
SSP-DECO Deconvolution
SSP-DETC Detection
SSP-FILT Filtering
SSP-HIER Hierarchical Models
SSP-HOSM Higher-Order Statistical Methods
SSP-NGAU Non-Gaussian Signals and Noise
SSP-NPAR Non-Parametric Methods
SSP-NSSP Nonstationary Statistical Signal Processing
SSP-PARE Parameter Estimation
SSP-PERF Performance Analysis and Bounds
SSP-REST Signal Restoration
SSP-SNMD Signal and Noise Modeling
SSP-SPEC Spectral Analysis and Spectral Estimation
SSP-SPRS Structured Low Dimensional Models
SSP-SSAN Statistical Signal Analysis
SSP-SSEP Signal Separation
SSP-SYSM System Modeling
SSP-TRAC Tracking Algorithms

IEEE Signal Processing Letters

MLSAS Machine Learning and Statistical Signal processing
MLSAS-STAT Statistical Signal Processing
MLSAS-ICAB ICA and Blind Source Separation
MLSAS-ADAP Adaptive Systems and Adaptive Filtering
MLSAS-MALN Machine Learning and Neural Networks
MLSAS-TENS Tensor Signal Processing
MLSAS-OPTIM Optimization
MLSAS-SPARSE Sparse Representations and Compressed Sensing
MLSAS-BAYES Bayesian Learning and Particle Filters
MLSAS-GRAPH Graphical and Kernel Methods
MLSAS-MAN Manifold Learning and Signal Processing
MLSAS-PATT Pattern Recognition and Classification
MLSAS-BIGD Big Data Methods and Applications
MLSAS-DEEP Deep Learning
DSP Digital and Multirate Signal Processing
DSP-FILT Filter Design, Analysis, and Implementation
DSP-TFSR Time-Frequency Analysis and Signal Representations
DSP-SAMP Sampling, Extrapolation, and Interpolation
DSP-GRAPH Graph Analysis
DSP-FRI Finite Rate of Innovation Signal Processing
DSP-SPARSE Sparse Signal Representations and Recovery
IMD Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing
IMD-MDSP Multidimensional Signal Processing
IMD-ANAL Image & Video Analysis, Restoration, and Processing
IMD-STOR Image & Video Storage and Retrieval
IMD-PATT Pattern Recognition
IMD-SPAR Sparse Representation in Imaging
BIO Biomedical Signal Processing
BIO-BIOL Biomedical Signal Processing, Genomics, Bioinformatics
BIO-BIOIM Biological Imaging
BIO-COMPIM Computational Imaging
BIO-INFO Bioinformatics
BIO-MAID Signal Processing Methods for Medical Aids
BIO-MDIG Medical Diagnostic Methods
BIO-SENS Sensor Systems for Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
BIO-SSIGP Sensor Signal Processing
BIO-BCI Signal Processing for Brain/Human-Computer Interfaces


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