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Speech and Language Processing

Welcome to the IEEE Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee Newsletter.

This is a celebratory time of year at the SLTC.  Alex Acero has been awarded the 2018 SPS Society Award, the SPS's highest technical award.  He'll be giving an ICASSP keynote associated with this honor.  Mari Ostendorf has received the 2017 SPS Meritorious Service Award.  Mari Ostendorf will also be awarded the 2018 IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award at ICASSP 2018 in Calgary.  All of us are incredibly thankful for and proud of Mari and Alex for their incredible and inspiring contributions to the field.  These awards are small, but tangible, ways in which we express this gratitude. 

In this edition of "Getting to Know Your Fellow Researchers" we are getting to know Hynek Hermansky of Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing.  He is an IEEE and ISCA Fellow and an ISCA Medalist.  Check out the interview to find out how Hynek's career path might have been had he been a little more frivolous. 

We have a recap of ASRU 2017 from Gakuto Kurata.  Gakuto has provided us with a very useful distillation of the plenary speakers and highlighted some exciting poster sessions for those of us who weren't able to attend the workshop in Okinawa last year.   (If you are attending a conference or workshop and would like to write it up for the newsletter, don't hesitate to contact me.)

Speaking of the ASRU workshop, proposals for ASRU 2019 are being solicited right now.  So are proposals for ICASSP 2023!  If you've been thinking that it's almost time in your career to organize a workshop or conference, do it now!  What do you have to lose but sleep?

As ever, we'd like to draw your attention to our community's upcoming conferences and workshops and job postings.  

And a finally brief bit of boilerplate self-promotion:

This newsletter is an ideal forum for updates, reports, announcements and editorials which don't fit well with traditional journals. We welcome your contributions, as well as calls for papers, job announcements, comments and suggestions. You can submit job postings here, and contact the TC via this form, or send mail to to propose articles. To subscribe to the Newsletter, send an email with the command "subscribe speechnewsdist" in the message body

A belated welcome to 2018.  On behalf of all of us at the SLTC, wishing you a happy, healthy and productive rest of the year.

Andrew Rosenberg, Editor

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