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Speech and Language Processing

Technical Committee


Awards and Membership Honors
(Chair: Michael Picheny, Vice Chair: Douglas O'Shaughnessy, Members: Yang Liu, Jasha Droppo, Erik McDermott)

Manage the SPS awards nomination process for the TC. Conduct awards election and identify final nominations. The list of awards are available on the SPS website.

(Chair: Yang Liu, Vice Chair: Jun Du Members: Takaaki Hori, Marc Delcroix, Jesus Vallalba, Roberto Barra-Chicote)

Assist the Signal Processing Society in evaluating proposals for challenge competitions demonstrating advances in signal processing technology.  Fosters development of new challenges in the speech and language processing domain.

(Chair: Heidi Christensen, Vice Chair: Engin Erzin, Members: Xiaodong Cui, Takuya Yoshioka, Xiao-Lei Zhang, Paola Garcia)

Expand the circulation and maintain the TC newsletter in the areas outlined in our EDICS. Ensure that the newsletter is easily accessible and enable the larger community to participate in writing articles and providing views and suggestions in the form of blogs or other similar means. Manage and maintain the SLTC website and SLTC-SPS mailing list.

Conference Support
(Chair: Panos Georgiou, Vice Chair: Rohit Prabhavalkar, Members: Tomohiro Nakatani, Esther Klabbers, Sakriani Sakti, Zhizheng Wu)

Helps maintain the reviewer pool to provide for a robust review process at ICASSP and TC-affiliated workshops.  Maintains the EDICS, in concert with relevant SPS journals.

External Relations
(Chair: Greg Sell, Vice Chair: Mahnoosh Mehrabani Members: Julia Hirschberg, Odette Sharenborg, Hung-yi Lee, William Wang, Abeer Alwan)

Strengthen the relationship of the TC with other international societies that have interest in the areas outlined in the TC EDICS. Establish joint activities and sponsored events.

ICASSP Area Chairs
(Chair: Dong Yu, Vice Chair: Eric Folser-Lussier, Members: Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, Kong Aik Lee, Ozlem Kalińi, Sabato Marco Siniscaichi, Marc Delcroix, Jinyu Li, Sakriani Sakti)

Manage the ICASSP review process including assignment of reviewers to papers, coordinating meta-reviews by SLTC members, making final decisions, allocating papers to sessions, and inviting session chairs.

Member Election
(Chair: Ebru Arisoy, Vice Chair: Sadao Hiroya, Members: Gakuto Kurata, Antonio Bonafonte, Jan Skoglund, Yu Tsao)

Manage the TC member election process. Solicit candidates in the areas identified in the TC EDICS, conduct the election, and identify finalists.

Student Awards
(Chair: Yun-Nung Chen, Vice Chair: Ming Li, Members: Nancy Chen, Thomas Drugman, Arun Narayanan, Fred Richardson)

Manage the ICASSP student awards process for the speech and language area. Identify finalists.

(Chair: Kyu J. Han, Vice Chair: Zhijian Ou, Members: Helen Hastie, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Seokhwan Kim, Hagai Aronowitz)

Promote having IEEE-sponsored workshops in the areas outlined in the TC EDICS. Conduct an election should multiple proposals be submitted for any given event. Provide new workshop organizers with the help necessary to get them started in organizing their event.

HLT-ACL board liaison (Julia Hirschberg)

Help strengthen the representation of speech technology within the HLT-ACL board. All members of this committee are also members of the HLT-ACL board.

SPS Board liaison (Li Deng, Mari Ostendorf)

The members of this committee are typically guest members of SLTC who are also part of one or more SPS boards.

Industry (Hagen Soltau, Ozlem Kalini)

Support the Membership Board in liaising with industry and government regarding the activities of the SLTC.

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