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Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing

Technical Committee Members

Shoko ArakiChair: Shoko Araki
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Kyoto, Japan
(Term Ends 12/31/24) 



Gaël RichardPast Chair: Gaël Richard
Télécom Paris
LTCI, France 
(Term Ends 12/31/23)



TC Membership Nominations

Nominations to the Technical Committee on Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing are invited. If you wish to make any nominations please complete the TC Membership Nomination Form by September 15. Please send the completed forms together with a full CV to Emanuël Habets (emanuel DOT habets AT audiolabs-erlangen DOT de),  and to the AASP TC Chair Shoko Araki (shoko DOT araki DOT pu AT hco DOT ntt DOT co DOT jp).

We strongly encourage the experts from underrepresented social groups and regions to apply for our membership.

Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by Technical Committee members. Nominees must confirm in writing their willingness to serve and perform the duties described in the Society Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. Each nominee must also submit a one-page position statement and vitae to be distributed before the election. Current and past TC members are eligible to be nominated for a second term. Additional terms are allowed, but at least a 3 year gap in service is required.


Member Affiliation Term ends
Xavier Alameda-Pineda INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes 2024
Shoko Araki NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan 2024
Emmanouil Benetos Queen Mary University of London, UK 2024
Rachel Bittner New York University, USA 2023
Nicholas Bryan Adobe Research, USA 2022
Enzo De Sena University of Surrey, UK 2025
Antoine Deleforge Inria Nancy, France 2023
Lukas Drude Amazon, Inc., Germany 2025
Mounya Elhilali Johns Hopkins University, USA 2022
Dimitra Emmanouilidou Microsoft Corporation, USA 2023
Tiago Falk University of Quebec, Canada 2023
Magdalena Fuentes NEw York University, USA 2023
Timo Gerkmann University of Hamburg, Germany 2023
Francois G. Germain Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs. 2025
Daniele Giacobello Apple, CA, USA 2024
Emanuël Habets International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, Germany 2024
Reinhold Haeb-Umbach University of Paderborn, Germany 2024
Jesper Rindom Jensen Aalborg University Denmark  2024
Ante Jukic Apple, USA 2023
Yohei Kawaguchi Hitachi, Ltd., Japan 2025
Kinoshita Keisuke Google, Japan 2023
Minje Kim Indiana University Bloomington, USA 2023
Ina Kodrasi Idiap Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland 2024
Simon Leglaive CentraleSupélec, IETR, France 2025
Annamaria Mesaros Tampere University, Finland 2024
Yuki Mitsufuji Sony R&D, Japan 2025
Pejman Mowlaee GN Audio A/S (Jabra), Denmark 2025
Ito Nobutaka The University of Tokyo, Japan 2022
Geoffroy Peeters Télécom Paris/ IP-Paris, France 2025
Mark Plumbley University of Surrey, UK 2023
Zafar Rafii Gracenote, USA 2023
Gaël Richard Telecom Paris, France 2022
Prasanga Samarasinghe Australian National University, Australia 2023
Mark Thomas Dolby Laboratories, USA 2023
Lin Wang Queen Mary University of London, UK 2025
Zong-Qiu Wang Carnagie Mellon University, USA 2025
Gordon Wichem Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory 2025


Associate Members

Paris Smaragdis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Patrick A. Naylor Imperial College, UK
Sharon Gannot Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Shoji Makino Tsukuba University
Ken Sugiyama NEC Corporation, Japan
Walter Kellermann Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany
Michael M. Goodwin Audience, Inc., USA
Michael S. Brandstein  MIT Lincon Laboratories, USA

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