Fanyu Kong (Michigan Technological University), “Automatic Food Intake Assessment Using Camera Phones” (2012)

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Fanyu Kong (Michigan Technological University), “Automatic Food Intake Assessment Using Camera Phones” (2012)

Fanyu Kong (Michigan Technological University), “Automatic Food Intake Assessment Using Camera Phones”, Advisor: Jindong Tan (2012)

In this thesis, an automatic food intake assessment method using cameras, inertial measurement units (IMUs) on smart phones was developed to help people foster a healthy life style. With this method, users use their smart phones before and after a meal to capture images or videos around the meal. The smart phone will recognize food items and calculate the volume of the food consumed and provide the results to users. The technical objective is to explore the feasibility of image based food recognition and image based volume estimation.

This thesis comprises five publications that address four specific goals of this work: (1) to develop a prototype system with existing methods to review the literature methods, find their drawbacks and explore the feasibility to develop novel methods; (2) based on the prototype system, to investigate new food classification methods to improve the recognition accuracy to a field application level; (3) to design indexing methods for large-scale image database to facilitate the development of new food image recognition and retrieval algorithms; (4) to develop novel convenient and accurate food volume estimation methods using only smart phones with cameras and IMUs.

For details, please view here or contact the author.

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